Will 100mbps modem/router limit Gigabit switch?

  oext 21:34 06 Aug 2007

Hi all,

Just wondering if anyone could help with a small concern I'm having regarding an intended network setup?

Basically I've just had ADSL activated and due to a somewhat noisy line (even at the master socket) I would prefer to have the ADSL modem/router (a Sky supplied Netgear DG834GT) plugged in to this rather than running it off an extension.

My 2 primary desktop PCs (labelled PC #2 & PC #3 - both with dual onboard gigabit LAN ports) are on the 1st & 2nd floor but due to the slightly complex layout of rooms in the house I'd prefer to run only a single cable upstairs.

I'm also intent on avoiding using wireless (been using this for laptops for many years and have never been 100% satisfied) and powerline networking for these machines (old house, wiring not ideal) and so have decided upon the below layout as being easy enough to implement.

My question then concerns whether the computer-computer connection between PC #2 & PC #3 will be at the gigabit speed, even though the router is limited to 100Mbps?

[img]click here[/img]

  brundle 21:44 06 Aug 2007

No they will be limited by the router. Gigabit helps when one machine is used as a bridge between two networks.

  irishrapter 21:50 06 Aug 2007

If you are connecting PC2 and PC3 via a gigabit switch then they should be able to connect at gigabit speed. PC1 will not as its limited by the router.

I have a similar setup to the image you supplied and get good speeds between my gigabit connected computers.

  oext 21:51 06 Aug 2007

Thanks for the prompt response.

So there's no way to have the switch act as i.e. a crossover connecting only PC #2 & PC #3 in addition to 'dishing out' the 100Mbps connection coming from the modem/router without additonal wiring?
(I know I can just run a crossover cable between the 2 PCs but that further complicates my cabling.)

  oext 21:52 06 Aug 2007

irishrapter - thanks for the reply too.

That's what I wanted to hear - makes my life simpler.

  oext 21:57 06 Aug 2007

irishrapter - just to confirm, using the layout as shown in my diagram, I will have ADSL internet access from all listed PCs as well as a Gigabit connection between PC #2 & PC #3 without the need to run anything more than the one cable from each of those PCs to the switch?

  irishrapter 06:22 07 Aug 2007

Yep, as far as I can see that should work.

  oext 07:54 07 Aug 2007

Great - thanks again.

  Elpoc 16:18 10 Sep 2007

I am considering a similar setup but have a question regarding the switch as I have never used one before.

Do you need to assign a switch it's own IP address, and if so would it be the same network prefix and sub-net mask as the router (e.g 192.168.2.XXX/ router has DHCP turned off as I prefer to manually allocate to NIC's).

if not is it aseperate netwrok for he cable connected PC's and if so how does the trafic get to the router for connection to the ADSL?

Thanks for any clarity you can render.



  irishrapter 19:56 10 Sep 2007

If you are asking do you need to assign the switch an IP address then the answer is no.
Switches do not require IP addresses unless they are something like "Smart" switches.

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