Wild Variation in BB speed

  rawprawn 17:50 08 Mar 2007

I am using Tiscali Max up to 8 MB Max, I am getting anywhere between 605kbps and 6.5MB. I know that there are variations depending on time of day, and server being busy, but this strikes me as odd. Any comments please.

  birdface 18:24 08 Mar 2007

click here might find something in there to help.

  birdface 18:39 08 Mar 2007

Sorry Rawprawn,Did not know it was you,You have probably tried things like that ,But that low speed is very poor,I am on 2MB with NTL and it does not go below 1900kbps

  rawprawn 19:04 08 Mar 2007

Hi buteman, yes I can find no reason for it. But I have been having problems with my phone line, and I have replaced my 15m extention which connects to my computer. After that it seemed to go back to a norm of about 4mb, but now I am getting fluctuations again.Strangely it's the same if I use the router from a dirrefent socket which should be unaffected,I thought that it may be a Tiscali server problem, and wonered if anyone else was having problems.
Thanks for the interest.

  Graham. 19:12 08 Mar 2007

When it is running slow, re-boot the router. I sometimes have to do that with Sky. It re-negotiates the speed with the exchange.

  Graham. 19:18 08 Mar 2007

Dunno if this link will work:

click here

  rawprawn 19:20 08 Mar 2007

Thanks Graham. I will try that. By the way the way the BT engineer did fit a new BT socket as you suggested.He was a nice guy and he traced the fault to the extension wire which is what I replaced. (God only knows what it will cost me)Lets get the cigars out and go and visit the bank manager!

  rawprawn 19:27 08 Mar 2007

I could get no jot from your link. At the moment I am showing 261.4 kbps on tiscali speedtest.I will reboot the router and see what happens.

  rawprawn 19:31 08 Mar 2007

Now showing 251.3 kbps.
I have to go now, I will look back in the morning. Strangely the computer doesn't seem slow, pages seem to be loading quite quickly.

  rawprawn 09:31 09 Mar 2007

I will tick this as resolved, my speeds seem to be back to about normal. I can only suspect the Tiscali server.
Thanks to all for the imput.

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