Wil I need to repair XP?

  Mike_R 14:54 05 Jan 2008

Latest problem on grandchildrens PC is that the keyboard has been removed then replugged in incorrectly (don't ask why!), bending the pins in the plug. What state the socket is in is anyone's guess. I have subsequently plugged in my Logitech cordless keyboard and mouse via a USB port but found that XP will not load properly. If I press "normal load" it just recycles to the "XP ended abnormally" screen message again. Trying "safe mode" locks on a list of flle partitions (?) and the desktop wil not switch off, except by unplugging at the mains.
Will I have to reload XP via the recovery disk?
Thanks for all advice.

  Kemistri 15:01 05 Jan 2008

That depends what the cause is, but I think that it is very unlikely.

Things to check:
[1] try another USB keyboard (preferably one that is not RF)
[2] try disabling PS2 support in BIOS if the option exists (it may not, depending on the BIOS type)

  Mike_R 15:17 05 Jan 2008

I ought to add that the "XP ended abnormally" message came up when I first switched on and the defective keyboard was plugged in or, to be more precise, rammed into the socket.

What is PS2 support, please?

It looks as though I will have to buy another keyboard, and a cordless one would be better as their father could confiscate it at night without unplugging it.

  Kemistri 16:49 05 Jan 2008

PS2 is the standard keyboard and mouse interface. It's what you say is damaged. If no PS2 devices are present AND there is an option disable it, it stands to reason that it would probably be wise to do so. If there is no such option, then don't worry about it. Just ensure that USB keyboard support is activated in BIOS to allow it to work before the operating system loads.

  Mike_R 17:08 05 Jan 2008

Thanks. I will buy a new cordless keyboard set tomorrow and then try again on the grandchildrens' PC tomorrow afernoon and report back.

  Mike_R 13:10 06 Jan 2008

I've now got a new USB keyboard and was advised that all I need to do is to plug it in and the PC will do the rest, which is what I did with my own keyboard and could not load XP. Assuming that I do have to do a recovery, will I lose the data and loaded software?

  Mike_R 13:05 07 Jan 2008

I plugged in the new keyboard, a cordless one so that father can easily stop use of desktop at night. There was no "PS2 support" entry in the BIOS. XP was still not loading properly so I put in the recovery disc which said that the partition was corrupt so I ended up reformatting it. XP is now up and running but the PC hard disks appear to have been wiped clean, not a bad thing given the crud loaded by errant grandson. It appears that the drivers have gone. I can get the printer one on the internet and my query is -
Two discs came with the desktop, which appear to be a graphics driver and a disc writer. Can I just load them and assume that if already there, they will get overwritten?

  Poitier 15:34 07 Jan 2008

You will need to install the drivers using Device Manager.From desktop rt click My Computer,Left click properties then hardware to access it.

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