sorefingers 19:48 03 Jan 2005

I want to be able to use my Medion laptop via a wireless connection to surf the internet. I have a cable modem (Blueyonder 1meg) going into my desktop (HP 483) and am confused about the various adsl/dsl routers out there.
Can anyone advise of the simplest best/cheapest way to connect both systems without cables!
Both have XP home.

Thanks in advance

  sorefingers 19:53 03 Jan 2005

...how far away from the router can I move my laptop before I lose the signal connection?

  LeadingMNMs 20:27 03 Jan 2005

There are two main ways to connect the two systems, the first involves is Ad-hoc and the second is using a router.

The Ad-hoc method simply involves the computers connecting directly with each other via a Wi-Fi card. With this method, the host computer (with the Internet connection) would share the connection, and the secondary system can only access the Internet when the first is on and connected to the Internet.

The Router option involves all communication going through the router, with the router directly connected to the Internet. This means that both computers can independantly connect to the Internet. With this method it is also possible to wire the desktop system to the router, since the router is likely to be positioned next to it.

Basically you need some form of network connection for each computer. However there are various ways to connect them, for example you can get USB devices, PCI cards for desktops and PCM-CIA cards for laptops. As mentioned, you could also use a standard ethernet port to hard wire the desktop.

The range of the network can vary depending on the type you go for. 802.11b has the greatest range and operates at 11Mbps while 802.11g range is limited but operates at 54Mbps. Though, bear in mind that you Internet connection is only 1Mbps.

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