Wifi wireless networking at home

  User-C4C79601-3CFD-47B8-A5E4D4AA6B4408AD 20:17 27 Jan 2005

If i want to setup a connection at home between my laptop and my desktop. what would be the best way of doing it.
is buying a wifi wireless network card for my laptop then a wifi usb dongle for the desktop the best way. are you able to connect the two in that way or do you need a router as well?
Or is there a better way of doing this?

  The Kestrel 21:41 27 Jan 2005

You will need either a wireless router, which connects to your existing modem, or a combined wireless modem/router. If your 'phone point is close to your desk top PC you can connect the router by using a hard lead rather then buying a more expensive wireless adapter. You will then need a wireless adapter card for your laptop. All the necessary software should come with the equipment. You might consider a usb adapter for your laptop, you can then transfer it to other PCs and use it with them.

I have a netgear modem/router connected to my desktop by hard lead. My wife and son have wireless adapters on their PC s and connect to the internet wirelessly in different parts of the house.

  smy13 22:07 27 Jan 2005

Got the same setup as The Kestrel and it works a treat. However when I bought it I was not aware of the 2 standards 802.11G and 802.11B so I ended up getting a ‘B’ router and a ‘G’ laptop adapter so my system only runs the 'B' standard which is 11mbps. If I’d known what I was doing I'd have gone for a 'G' standard set up which runs at 54mbps

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