Wifi to wired LAN

  Jonathan-290398 18:19 01 May 2007

Hi all

This may be an easily resolved question but here goes: I currently use wifi at home with no problem but need to be able to connect a laptop to this network through a wired connection BUT at a different location to the wifi router. So, the wifi router is in a different room to where the wired laptop needs to be. The reason for doing this (because I know it sounds a bit daft) is to do with the laptop's use of VPN to connect to a work network - it won't allow wireless.

Can it be done? And if so, what do I need to do this? Is there a device which picks up wifi and makes it available via a wired LAN connection?

Many thanks to anyone who has any tips.

p.s. In case it matters, the wifi router is a Netgear DG834GT...

  LastChip 21:59 01 May 2007

I'm struggling a little to fully understand what you want to do.

If all you want to do is physically connect your laptop to the network, you simply need a long enough cable to connect to one of the four Ethernet ports on your router to your laptop's Ethernet port, or hasn't it got one?

As far as the laptop goes, it's probably easiest if you set up a separate profile exclusively for business use, making your Ethernet port the default connection.

Does that help?

  Jonathan-290398 00:04 02 May 2007


Thanks for the response.

The problem is that the router is in the top room of the house (as it's the only place I can find a working phone line) whereas I'd like to use the laptop in a different room (the office, which is a floor below). I can use the laptop by plugging it straight into the router, as you suggest, but I'd like to not have to use it in the top room. Getting a cable to stretch between the two rooms would be pretty difficult, which is why I was hoping for something which picked up the wifi and made it available through a wired connection. A bit like a router but in reverse??

The laptop itself is massive pain. I can get no admin rights which is enormously limiting, hence wired LAN being the only option.

Is a wireless bridge the answer? I'm not really sure what these do...

Sorry if I'm being unclear. I'll try to post something more coherent tomorrow.

Thanks anyway!

  Strawballs 22:22 02 May 2007

click here Is this the sort of thing that you are looking for?

  P1d 08:56 03 May 2007

This may do the trick;

click here

  fitshase 22:11 03 May 2007

What about speaking to your work's IT department. Explain your setup and ask them to enable the wireless function on the laptop. Assure them that you have wireless security enabled on the router.

They may be open to doing this if you explain it to them. My work enabled the wireless function of my work laptop when I explained that I had a wireless setup at home.

  Jonathan-290398 19:12 04 May 2007


Thanks for the responses. It sounds like a bridge is pretty much what I need in this case. Less sure about the Netgear thing as I can't tell if it allows a wired connection - I like it for increasing the wifi reach to the rest of the house though so I might investigate.

As for speaking to the IT department, they've been less than helpful. They simply won't allow the wireless function to be used... How ridiculous. My own work (as this is my girlfriend's laptop I'm talking about) laptop works with no problem.

Anyway, thanks again. I'll tick this as resolved and will look into bridges.



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