WiFi and who's connecting to it

  Qquackers 00:05 30 Sep 2012

Hello. I'd be very grateful for some help please.

I have a Netgear WiFi router which was set up on my desktop PC which I'm not currently using. I am using a laptop and my brother is using his PC. I've just installed the trial version of "Who is on my WiFi" because I'm having a few niggles. e.g. my laptop won't connect eventhough I'm almost sitting on top of the WiFi box (not a problem I have elsewhere with the laptop so I'm assuming it's ok). Speed when connected has also deteriorated recently. Also today there was a message on my laptop about another computer using the same I.P. address - which I've never seen before.

A scan using "Who is on my WiFi" is showing three connections. I can identify my laptop and my brother's PC but I don't know what the third one is.

Would this be the Netgear box itself or do I have someone else using my service.

If the answer is that I do have someone else using my service how do I stop them?

Many thanks

  wiz-king 07:49 30 Sep 2012

Change your routers password - I presume you have it password protected? That will stop anyone else connecting to it.

  johnkerber 17:48 05 Oct 2012

The other device you are seeing is probably the Netgear Router.

Who's On My Wifi detects all hardware devices on the network including wireless routers.

You could always let the Who's On My Wifi software run for a few days and see if anything else appears.

If not, it's likely that you don't have an intruder.

As wiz-king mentioned, if you change the router password, this should also keep out any current intruders.

  Qquackers 18:17 05 Oct 2012

Many thanks for yout responses. I very much appreciate the advice and will do what you suggest.

  Babou 22:21 05 Oct 2012

I get that "same IP" message too, and googled around, and found it can be something that can happen when your laptop has been in hibernation while on wifi and then later wakes up. For a brief minute the router thinks you're two separate computers.

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