WiFi too good for its own good?

  bemuzed 12:42 23 Apr 2008

I have a wired LAN in my house and am thinking of putting a WiFi one in. I can detect quite a few nearby WiFi networks but I heard WiFi hubs are not very clever and that if you get too many close by, and you cannot plan their location and band as people put them randomly into their houses they can interfer and become unusable? Is this a real problem? anyone encountered it? Shoudl I bother with WiFi or will it become useless?

  Lee.C 13:50 23 Apr 2008

My wireless set up is currently picking up six different signals from my neighbours, but it's as solid as a wired connection.

Some of these signals report exactly the same type of router as mine is being used, and one of them has a signal strength almost as strong.

Once you've set things up the first time, your pc should automatically connect to your hub without even trying the others.
I've never come across any interference but I suppose that in theory if your own signal is very weak it could get a bit confused.

  bemuzed 17:58 23 Apr 2008

Lee C - out of interestwhat sort of environment are you in (home?) and how far fromt eh wiFi hub can you wander?

  FreeCell 18:02 23 Apr 2008

Any interference can usually be overcome by selecting a different channel number on the wireless router and PC, so would be surprised if you had any problems.

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