Wifi Sniffer - Signal Strengh ?

  Winxx 16:45 10 May 2007

Hi, i was wondering if there is a free program that will scan for wireless hotspots and tell me signal strengh as i move my laptop, so i know the best place in my house to get the strongest connection possible...

  Technotiger 16:48 10 May 2007

Hi, don't know of a program, but there is a small pocket gadget that will show you when you are in range of a wifi hotspot, with three green leds to give an indication of signal strength.

click here

  Winxx 16:55 10 May 2007

Thanks but i have already come across this, and i don't have money to spend so... If anybody who knows of some software that detects signal strengh, please post!

  Dipso 16:58 10 May 2007

Your laptop should do this anyway if it's wireless enabled.

There is software available for free but are you attempting to use someone elses connection?

  Winxx 17:04 10 May 2007

My laptop does do this but it is very difficult to tell signal strengh with it, no im attempting to connect to my downstairs wireless connection, i prefer to have my laptop in my room, so i would like to find the best spot.

If you could provide a link to the software i'd be eternally grateful Dipso :)

  Dipso 17:05 10 May 2007

Not sure if it will help but click here

  Winxx 17:12 10 May 2007

Thanks :)

  bjh 18:06 10 May 2007

Windows Zero Configuration gives a clumsy power rating - Excellent, Very Good.... No Signal....

There should also be a utility that is hardware-specific to your laptop but it isn't always there with all lappies). Most of these do give a good signal strength reading, often as a %, or details of signal strength and signal-t0-noise ratio.

WiFi is sometimes strongly directional, so a poor signal can turn into an excellent signal over a very short distance.

Netstumbler does indeed give signal strength.

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