Wifi slow if not using external/usb connection

  louboutin1 13:57 08 Mar 2014

Hi! Im having some extremely annoying problems with my HP pavillion dv6... It seems to me that I'm either infected by some malware/virus type of thing (although I have scanned it with 3different programs..) or the computer my just simply be crap..I dont know, and I really hope someone on this board can help me! :)

The problem is that the DL speed I get from the integrated wifi card is as low as 0.3mb/s to MAXIMUM 3mb/s (my contract gives 30mb/s).. When I plug in an external wifi card/antenna I will recieve between 25-30mb/s which obviesly is A WHOLE lot better than the integrated one..What can be the cause of this..?! Just for "fun" I speedtested my ipad, even further away from the router than my laptop and got a whooping 29.34mb/s.

I have attached pictures of the speedtests below (didnt want to add images into the thread as I dno if its allowed on this board) ANY help is greatly appreciated, I cant stand having 1-2mb/s on a GOOD day when I'm paying for 30mb/s :(

Integrated wifi: click here wifi : click here wifi : click here have made sure that I have the latest driver for the integrated wifi btw(or atleast it says so when I tried to update it in the device manager) the card is a: "Broadcom 4313GN 802.11b/g/n/ 1x1 wifi-adapter"

Thank you in advance!

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  louboutin1 14:01 08 Mar 2014

Those links messed up the whole thread :( I will try again.. Integrated wifi : click here wifi: click here wifi: click here thats more readable :) Regards!

Usb Ipad Hope

  abhay822 20:51 08 Mar 2014

Has the download speed with the integrated wireless network card always been around 3Mbps? The download speed increasing with an external usb wireless network adapter suggests a problem with the internal wireless network adapter/card either the drivers or the hardware itself. I would suggest you uninstall Broadcom 4313GN through device manager without deleting the driver software and then reboot your laptop so that the drivers reinstall themselves. If you want to delete the driver software while uninstalling make sure you download the Broadcom 4313GN drivers beforehand from the HP website for your laptop. Reboot your computer and reinstall them manually.

You can also try changing the settings as mentioned in the following link click here

  pjunaid 16:47 11 Mar 2014

It could be the network connectivity problem as mostly it is the cause for the slow responce, to find the right cause for slow wifi the best thing is check first your network connection, follow the link below for instact result: click here Connectivity Checker will perform a series of network tests for modern Web Services like WebSockets and WebRTC.


  imendpc 15:02 19 Mar 2014

"pjunaid" That check network connectivity has no name, no... in fact nothing else, certainly fits the bill for raising severe concerns before using it....

  thanpolas 12:20 27 Mar 2014

@imendpc there is a single button that you need to press to view and share the results... apparently the site has moved to a new domain: www.netscan.co, here are my results after i pushed the button:click here

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