WiFi signal

  gav223 06:34 08 Jan 2009


Can someone please give me some help on boosting my WiFi signal.

I have just moved in to my friends house and it is so big that he has to have a router upstairs and one downstairs.

Even though I may be only 20m away in another room it won't pick up a signal.

I think it's due to the walls being about 12" of solid concrete. Back home I could pick up a signal about 50m away from my router, but the walls were very thin.

What is the best thing for me to either do or buy to sort this problem out.

Many thanks.

  Diodorus Siculus 06:59 08 Jan 2009

Have you established that you can pick up a signal from next to the router?

If so, what type of router does your friend have? Depending on the make/model it may be possible to change settings to increase the range.

  gav223 07:36 08 Jan 2009

Hi Diodorus Siculus.

The one downstairs is a linksys wrt54gl and the one upstairs is a belkin.

I can somtimes pickup a signal on both when I am in other rooms, but sometimes it want even find a signal.

Could I try increasing the range before I go and buy something.


  oldbeefer2 08:39 08 Jan 2009

This click here is one of the popular ways.

  gav223 10:17 08 Jan 2009

Hi oldbeefer2.

I have looked at those before, but by a different brand.

The problem or more the cost with using those is, due to the size of the house, there are two main ring circuits in the property, one upstairs and on down.

For me to get good reception both upstairs and down I would either have to buy three or keep unpluging them.

The other problem I have is that it's very difficult in Dubai getting a wide range of products and when I was looking for them before I couldn't find them.


  ambra4 10:46 08 Jan 2009

This would do the job; you can add as many as requited to each router and do not require a hard

wire connection just a electrical outlet for each Extender

Download all the datasheets; tutorials and manuals will give you idea on how they work

Wireless-G Range Extender HWREG1

click here

  oldbeefer2 10:48 08 Jan 2009

You should mount the router as high as possible and make sure the antennas are vertical (to serve the computers on that floor). I believe that better aerials are available for some routers to improve the range. If not, there are other companies that produce the plug-in extenders - plenty on ebay (cheaper than Netgear), and they should be able to ship to Dubai.

  skeletal 11:47 08 Jan 2009

I had a similar problem and spent many hours leaning about WiFi signals.

The way I got round it was to buy an external “hi gain” antenna (i.e. one that you can plug into your router to increase its range) and to mount this on the other side of the thick wall that was blocking my signal. Just getting the other side of the wall made a huge improvement. I only needed a short length of antenna cable to take me from the router to the other side of the wall.

Another problem was that I have a concrete lintel a little way from where the new antenna was to be mounted. This got in the way of the signal going upstairs. The unusual solution was to mount the antenna near the floor, from this point the signal went underneath the lintel to the other side, and then upwards to go upstairs.

Think of the hi gain antenna like a torch. Shine the imaginary light from where you are thinking about mounting the antenna to where you want to receive it and try moving positions to minimise the number of obstructions e.g. walls, lintels and metallic service ducts (I also have warm air heating!).

Normally, mounting antennas as high as possible is correct, but in my case the extremely unusual, near the floor position, was much better. Every case is different.

Also remember that hi gain antennas make the signal go further, but at the expense of narrowing their beam pattern, thus directly in front of the antenna will have a higher signal, but behind and at the sides will be lower.


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