wifi Router A to wifi Router B connection. Possible?

  lonemascot 15:44 02 Jul 2012

Hi all.

I have a wireless bt homehub router that i have connected (ethernet wired) to 2 macs and 2 laser printers. it is not connected to a phone line so in effect it is just a hub/switch.

I also have another wireless router which IS connected to the internet in a different part of the building.

what i want to know is there a way to use my network switch/router to wirelessly connect to the other internet connected router so that i can access the internet on all computers?

I know this isn't a mac forum but you've always been so helpful in the past and you're all so knowledgeable i'm assuming you know just as much about macs as pc's.... hopefully

  KRONOS the First 15:58 02 Jul 2012

You would need to use one of the routers as a bridge and the settings etc will vary with what router it is.

  lonemascot 16:18 02 Jul 2012

hi. Thanks for the response. The router i have is a BT Home Hub 2.0. I understand there is probably a firmware update that can be installed on the router to make it act as a bridge.

Do you have any suggestions for this?

  Nontek 16:23 02 Jul 2012

Or, perhaps you could use HomePlugs - I have no knowledge/experience of Macs so don't know if that would be a problem.

click here

  KRONOS the First 16:31 02 Jul 2012

This any use? Bridge.

  KRONOS the First 16:32 02 Jul 2012

Probably a lot more here for you to look at. Google

  lonemascot 16:40 02 Jul 2012

yes the bridge link is what i wanted to do but instead of linking the 2 together via ethernet i wanted to wirelessly connect. which, from reading a bit deeper into that site, it tells me isn't actually possible with my version of the home hub.

so, you've kind of answered my question but with an answer i don't like lol.

I will continue to use the home hub as a switch to interconnect everything. As one of the macs is already wifi enabled i will just connect via that and i will just have to get another network card or whatever macs use to sort the other one out. I had just hoped i could do something for free.

thanks guys

  MickMickTheGeek 20:42 02 Jul 2012

One way to do it is have a PC on the standalone Hub, wirelessly access the main router and run internet connection sharing. You will need to disable DHCP on the stand alone router as the ICS PC would peform this task. Another way would be to buy an old Access point such as US Robotics as these can act as a client. Connect this to the stand alone router. Again disable DHCP as the client will provide this.

  robin_x 21:26 02 Jul 2012

WiFi range extenders can be found quite cheaply.

Not sure if this is suitable, but if affordable, may be worth considering.

Free solutions can be fun until they take hours and days of aggro.

  retep888™ 03:28 03 Jul 2012

As one of the macs is already wifi enabled i will just connect via that and i will just have to get another network card or whatever macs use to sort the other one out

1.You'll need an appropriate length of ethernet cable.

2.How to Share Your Wireless Internet Connection Via Ethernet. click here You didn't say what Macs you've got & what OS X they're on, the Macs in the link are on Snow Leopard.

3.It looks like the second Mac is a Powermac G4 , click here for a youtube clip showing you how to share internet with OS X 10.4 Tiger.

Your set up may not be the same as in those links but at least giving you some ideas & all it costs is a piece of ethernet cable.

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