WiFi router with USB and ethernet ports

  Leepy Lee 10:13 26 Oct 2005

I'm trying to identify a WiFi router that has both USB and ethernet connectivity. I need to be able to connect to a range of existing ADSL or cable modems by either USB or ethernet, as well as connecting USB and ethernet devices to the router. Good WiFi performance also reqyuired.

Anyone have any recommendations please?


  Taff36 10:34 26 Oct 2005

Is this a home network or a business application? Be a litle more specific on the number of computers, modems and types and perhaps the distances involved for the WiFi Router.

  Leepy Lee 11:10 26 Oct 2005

This is a home network for business use to a corporate network
I'll take however many USB or ethernet ports I can get on a device. I need to be able to connect existing home PCs etc by whatever means - USB or ethernet, while providing wireless connectivity for the corporate laptop.


  Taff36 12:09 26 Oct 2005

So how many home computers do you have? I presume you just want the company laptop to connect wirelessly to a BB connection to access your corporate network. Who is your BB ISP? (I don`t understand why you mention both ADSL and Cable modems - do you have two BB connections?

  Leepy Lee 12:43 26 Oct 2005

No but this arrangement will be used by different home users who will have different BB suppliers. They may also have existing USB or ethernet equipment.
I want to specify one WiFi router (if possible) with both USB and ethernet capability.

  Taff36 21:19 26 Oct 2005

I stand to be corrected but I don`t think you can have different BB ISP`s on one line (Cable or BT) which means that you will have multiple phone or cable lines and therefore multiple router/modems. Am I missing something? Are these people tenants?

  woodchip 21:23 26 Oct 2005

All you need is a Wireless Firewall Router Modem

click here

See Reviews its a Ethernet Router, better than USB

  woodchip 21:34 26 Oct 2005

And hear for the Spec click here

  Leepy Lee 21:41 26 Oct 2005

Yes you are missing something - I obviously haven't explained this very well.

I'm looking for one piece of kit that will provide WiFi access to a variety of different BB lines. These may be either BT BB or cable BB. I want the device to be able to connect to the ADSL or cable modem with either USB or ethernet. I also need it to accept wired connections from PCs by either USB or ethernet as well as WiFi.

The device will be used by a number of people when working from home. These users will have various flavours of ADSL already installed in their homes.

I would like to be able to specify one device that will work with any existing situation rather than several different devices.

DOes that make any more sense?

  woodchip 21:46 26 Oct 2005

The above Router Supports Wired and Wireless if you put a USB wireless dongle in computer it will pick that up also. Up to about 253 connections 128 wireless

  Leepy Lee 17:35 27 Oct 2005

Got it! ... thanks guys

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