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  peg 14:24 08 Dec 2007

hi all just been reading a thread about orange home starter and orange livebox. whats the diference between a wirerless modem and a wifi router ?

  Technotiger 14:39 08 Dec 2007

What is an ADSL modem

An ADSL modem is a device that transmits and receives data over the plain old telephone system's (POTS) analogue lines. It allows your PC to connect to your ISP using the Internet Protocol. The modem acts as a "bridge" between your PC and your ISP. The dynamic or static public IP address which your modem obtains from your ISP is passed on to your PC. Your ADSL modem forwards packets based on hardware level MAC addresses between your ISP's router (and the Internet) and your PC.

What is a router?

A router is a device which acts as an interface between two networks. It forwards packets based on network level addresses (Internet Protocol addresses in this case) between your ISP's router and either your LAN or your single PC. A router learns more about the networks to which it is connected and can be more selective about the packets it passes on. A router rejects packets unless they match predefined attributes (eg specific protocols or destination network addresses). A router can also select the best route for packets to take in large interconnected networks.

  peg 15:05 08 Dec 2007

have i got this right, with a wireless modem connected to my desktop i can access it from my laptop upstairs or do i need a router ?

  Technotiger 15:15 08 Dec 2007

You need a router to go wireless, a modem needs to be connected to phone-line.

  Technotiger 15:17 08 Dec 2007

The normal 'home' route is a router connected by ethernet cable to desktop pc, and laptop with built-in wifi or attached adapter connecting wirelessly to router on desktop.

  Spark6 15:25 08 Dec 2007

Three seperate items: a modem, a router and a modem router. It seems as if you require the latter.

  peg 16:28 08 Dec 2007

just upgraded to orange home stater and its a "wireless modem router" that you get they could only tell me it was a Simens but not wich model is ther anybody that knows which model it is or anybody that has one and how good bad or indiferent it is

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 16:41 08 Dec 2007

Fujitsu Siemens CONNECT2AIR AP-600RP-USB - wireless router

Wireless router - External - Flash: 4 MB - IEEE 802.11g, IEEE 802.11b, Fast Ethernet, Ethernet

A Connect2Air WLAN AccessPoint integrates your Devices in existing networking environment or simply connects them over xDSL or cable modem to the Internet.

You can connect by cable or wireless only difference between this and the Livebox is NO second telephone connection.

  Technotiger 16:43 08 Dec 2007

If it is a USB modem router it could be this one click here

otherwise, I for one don't know which one it is. However, Siemens is a good and well known make.

  Technotiger 16:44 08 Dec 2007

I must learn to type quicker :-)

  peg 20:12 08 Dec 2007

cheers guys seems ok it was just that a few people were geting other routers rather than using the one that came free with home start !dont think i will be asking to much of it really so as long as its reliable it should be fine.....many thanks

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