WiFi for a laptop!!

  User-005D9C23-9973-47EF-82374D99699A014E 13:13 27 Apr 2004

i have a toshiba satellite 2430-402 and i would like to add wireless facility to it.my question is if i buy WiFi PCMCIA card will that be enough or do i need any other hardware?...thanx

  pmjd 14:33 27 Apr 2004

this will allow you to connect wirelessly (?) to other wireless devices, either directly or to wired devices through a wireless router.


  Graham ® 14:47 27 Apr 2004

If you wish to use it at home, as above , you will need another wireless device for it to talk to.

If for external use to connect to the internet on the move, you will need to purchase 'time' from a hotspot.

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thanx guys...that was very helpful...now my next question is: im using broadband to connect to the internet and im using multifunction printer.what do i need to connect my upgraded wireless laptop to broadband and the printer wirelessly?? sorry if sound stupid but im not very familiar with networking.

  pmjd 15:16 27 Apr 2004

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That person had similar questions.

Just to check do you normally hook up your laptop to a broadband usb modem and plug the printer into a usb port as well?

If so here are a few suggestions. First up get rid of the usb modem and buy something like this
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It combines a router, broadband modem and firewall all in one.

If you want the printer to connect wirelessly as well try this click here
If you have a parallel printer port thay are available too and slightly cheaper.

If you don't mind the router and printer being in the same place you can always get a non wireless version of the print server and keep the two together

There are other options but I'll wait and see what you can tell me first about your current set up.


paul...u r a star..im using usb adsl modem and i would like to get rid of all the wires.im also using hp 2410 multifunction printer and i would love to connect it wirelessly...what about a router with a modem all in one?and what is the cheapest way to set this up?im planning to buy the hardware from ebay so there is no chance of refund if i get it wrong...thanx

sorry paul i forgot to ask if i buy modem/router why do i need to buy printer server? can i not just connect the printer to the router and connect to the laptop wirelessly.

  TomJerry 15:49 27 Apr 2004

If you connect printer with the main PC and with main PC always on, you do not need to have a printer server.

If you do not want to switch the main (printer connected) PC on when you use printer with laptop, you need a printer server which is expensive and not all printer work with a printer server.

  pmjd 16:11 27 Apr 2004

To connect a printer to router: the router must have a parallel or USB port on it to allow the printer to connect.

I haven't yet seen a combination of ADSL modem, wireless router and print server all in one box yet.

You can might be able to buy a separate ADSL ethernet modem AND a router that is wireless, firewalled and has a print server. However I think these will be a tad expensive

I think the first options I suggested would be cheaper. The linksys I linked to is an all in one for adsl modem, wireless and wired router (allows for expansion) and firewall.

The wireless printer option is also a possibility if you cannot have the router and printer in the same place.

Just checked your printer and you'll need a USB print server.
click here
This was the cheapest I could find. Simple connect it to the linksys one I mentioned (would be via a network cable thought). The wireless print server is slightly more but smaller and one less wire!

As for ebay buying you could get a bargain or a dud, Good Luck!!

Any more questions let me know.

  pmjd 16:18 27 Apr 2004

As Tomjerry pointed out it all depends on how you would like to work.

I'm guessing that you only have the laptop and printer, no other computers.

If you would like to print to it wirelessly then get the print server (but do check compatibility) also HP sell a pricy adapter (~£120) that allows most HP printers (but again check compatibilty) to connect via network cable to a router and appear as a networked printer.

OR if you don't mind connecting to the printer by cable to print then you can save yourself £50 odd quid.

The choice is yours.....

thanx for the ideas...im thinking of upgrading to hp 2510 printer which has wireless fux built in and i think this will abolish the need to the router and all will ineed then will be the wireless modem...how about that?

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