WiFi / ethernet conflict

  Dave1947 17:04 10 Jan 2014

Hi, Sorry if this is a question already covered, have had a search and can't find it.. I purchased a Huawei repeater to extend my wifi network, works fine with my tablet, gdaughters ipad etc, but my pc is connected to the router by Ethernet and immediately loses internet access when the repeater fires up. Is it possible to have the desktop on ethernet plus tablet on wifi at the same time? Not new to computers but new to wifi Dave

  alanrwood 21:35 10 Jan 2014

Yes it is possible. Does your computer have a radio network card or facility, if so disable the wifi on it so as not to conflict.

  Dave1947 18:29 14 Jan 2014

Thanks Alan, sorry for the delay in replying, we've been away for a few days. I don't have a WiFi card in the PC, so I'll try digging through some of the settings. (Windows 7 Premium by the way) Dave

  alanrwood 19:14 14 Jan 2014

OK. Let us know what you find. A couple of things to mncheck.

1 Is the router set to act as a DNS Server. 2. Are all the computers set up to obtain IP and DNS automatically.

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