WiFi ethernet cable doesn't fit into the tower

  Jule 15:54 28 Dec 2006

I'm trying to set up a wireless router on my desktop computer but the ethernet cable that goes from the modem router to the tower doesn't fit. The cable has two rectangular ends where as the modem space in my tower has a smaller square hole. Are there adapters available so that I can connect the ethernet cable to my tower? And if so, what would they be called?
Many thanks

  Jule 16:05 28 Dec 2006

The one on the left of the two pictures. It's the little square one.

  Jak_1 16:09 28 Dec 2006

Erm, if you are setting up a wireless connection then why dou you need the ethernet cable?

Is the router wireless? Do you have a wireless network card installed in your pc?

  Jule 16:19 28 Dec 2006

The instructions sent by aol say that there needs to be an ethernet cable from the modem router to the computer tower.

Here's what they say is the 'ideal layout for your broadband connection':
telephone socket to filter, filter to modem router (using line cable), modem router to mains and computer tower (using ethernet cable).

Is this correct or do I do not need a wire from the modem router to the tower? As far as I know there is no wireless network card installed in my PC (although i'm not sure!)
I'm setting up the wireless internet so that I can access the internet from my laptop too.

  Jule 16:32 28 Dec 2006

No, I have the RJ11 (the little square one on the left hand picture) sized port on my tower and no RJ45 port at all.

  LastChip 16:37 28 Dec 2006

In order to access the router, you need one of two things.

Either a wireless card OR a network card.

If you don't have either, you're not going anywhere with this until you do.

The connector (port) that you have is a "dial up" modem port, and is no use to you for this at all.

  LastChip 16:40 28 Dec 2006

You don't need to access the router from the desktop. You can if you wish use the laptop - it makes no difference.

So do you have a suitable connection on the laptop?

  Jule 16:44 28 Dec 2006

The laptop is definately wireless enabled and I'm pretty sure the desktop is too (it has the option to set up a wireless network in control panel and is only 4 years old).

I didn't actually try the connection to either the laptop or the desktop though because I thought I needed the ethernet wire. I'll log off now and have a go. Hopefully, either way, i'll be back on here in about 15minutes!

  rodriguez 16:45 28 Dec 2006

You're best to connect it with the Ethernet cable to the main computer and not wireless. The wireless network needs setting up with the encryption key and SSID and this is best done through the cable to stop you losing connection with the router altogether.

You'll need to fit one of these into the computer (click here) then connect it with the cable they (should have) supplied. AOL don't tell you about all this extra hassle in the adverts when they sell it to you. ;-)

  LastChip 16:53 28 Dec 2006

You can set up the router perfectly adequately via wireless.

Encryption is an option (and a good one at that), but after everything else is sorted. You don't need encryption to set the router up. Indeed, some home wireless networks don't have a wired card in sight.

  Jule 17:20 28 Dec 2006

Just plugged it all in (minus the ethernet wire going from the tower to the router) and the installer said that the router was not connected. I then went on the help option and it said to ensure that the ethernet cable was plugged in fully.
Will have a go with one of the Dynamode 10/100 Realtek Ethernet PCI NIC cards over the next few days if I can't get it to work tonight.

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