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  Damarc 09:40 10 Nov 2008

I am going to move from Virginmedia to Sky and probably will have an overlap. I intend to get a laptop and initially will want to connect Sky wireless router to it. The laptop will have Vista no doubt. My three year old pc has xp and for a couple of weeks will still be connected via cable through VM until my notice expires. This gives me time to move stuff over and notify people of new email address after ensuring that sky works ok. Then I should like the wifi router to be connected to old pc and use the laptop wherever in the house. Then my husband can stick to the old pc and I can solely use the laptop. Do you foresee any problem with this at all?

  brundle 09:59 10 Nov 2008

No, should be fine.

  Damarc 15:35 11 Nov 2008

Am I likely to 'lose' gb download usage by using wifi? What I intend to do is start off with the basic broadband with Sky with a monthly download of 2gb. I am currently testing my usage with a meter to see if this will be sufficient but I think it will be. However I know nothing about wifi and have heard tales of others picking up on your ip address and using your broadband. How likely is this?

  skidzy 19:56 11 Nov 2008

" tales of others picking up on your ip address and using your broadband. How likely is this "

Very likely if the network is not secure and commonly known as piggybacking and illegal.

Secure the network;

This is easily carried out by selecting a security encryption key by either either using WEP/WPA etc WEP being the weakest.

Some good tips here click here

  Damarc 09:48 13 Nov 2008

My laptop comes with McAffee ISS. I've got Norton ISS 2008 installed on my old pc. However on another of my threads someone gave me a list of freebie securityware that in total is better than an individual boxed ISS. Such as AVG 8.A Squared.MalwareBytes.SpywareBlaster.WinPatrol+Kerio Firewall. I know everyone has their particular preference:-)). I don't know whether McAfee is preinstalled or not but would like to download the aforementioned list on a virgin laptop which means going onto internet in a vulnerable state. Am I likely to pick up nasties before everything is operational or have you got any other ideas?

  rawprawn 10:21 13 Nov 2008

Download your choice of AV and save it to a pen drive using your PC, then install that on your laptop.

  skidzy 16:34 13 Nov 2008
  Damarc 17:54 13 Nov 2008

I'll have to get another pendrive as my current one is full of backup files! And skidzy thank you very much for your list. I was advised to add Superantispyware to check if anything had got through Norton ISS because I was unable to get into IE. Should I remove that programme now as apart from adware cookies with a risk factor of 1, it found nothing else. I don't want two programmes conflicting with each other and letting stuff in that shouldn't get through.

  rawprawn 19:05 13 Nov 2008

Super antispyware will not conflict with anything, just leave it and update it before you run it again.
MalwareBytes is another good program for searching out nasties and will not cause any problems click here as with SAS just remember to update it before running.
PS. I too am a Sutton, not many of us left ;))

  Damarc 09:26 14 Nov 2008

the link you gave me for the WEP/WPA stuff. Is that the sum total of the article? Can you take me through an idiot's guide please. Thanks Sue

  rawprawn 09:40 14 Nov 2008

It looks to me as though WPA may be the default for Sky click here
See if this makes it any clearer.

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