WiFi connection with a projector

  Severn Bore 17:12 13 Aug 2005

This is supposed to be a simple process, but....
I have managed to make a connection with the projector, but I still cannot get it to display any pictures. Can anyone list the steps needed to successfully make a connection?
Thanks, in desperation!

  Taff36 20:42 13 Aug 2005

Tell us the make and model of a) Computer & b) Projector also how you know you`ve a connection with the projector.

  Severn Bore 22:18 13 Aug 2005

After several hours trying to finalise the connection, I sat down and thought the whole thing through! Have just found out that it was the Firewall that was preventing the transfer of data! Once disabled temporarily, the problem was solved.
For information, I was trying to connect a Fujitsu-Siemens Laptop with a Benq projector. I knew I had a connection because the wireless device on the laptop was showing a connect and respectable transfer speed. If I switched off the projector, this connection would terminate. It was clearly just that it did not want to transfer the data, which is what finally gave me the clue!
Neither the Fujitso or Benq documentation gave any warning about the effect of Firewalls, neither did any of the websites I consulted. I shall suggest this should be added in future!
Thanks for offering your help anyway.

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