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  The Dazza 12:34 28 Sep 2009

I am on my own laptop and can connect to the internet via wifi no problem. I have another laptop which will not connect.

It can see the network and does connect however the little computer icon in the bottom right tray says 'connected, signal excellent' then after 2 seconds says 'not connected, click here for more options' 2 seconds later it connects and this cycle keeps repeatting.

I right clicked on it and it said I could repair connection but that didn't get past the 'renewing your IP address window'

Does anyone know how i can fix this?

  ambra4 12:38 28 Sep 2009

Check these setting on the wireless card and network connection

Right click on Wireless Icon in the task bar Click Status-General-Properties

Click Wireless Network Tab – In the “Preferred Network” display box highlight your network

name and click Properties

Tick “ Connect even if this network is not broadcasting”

Click Connection Tab – Tick “ Connect when this network is in range”

Click OK

At the top of display the type of Wireless Card will be displayed

Click Configure-Click-Advanced Tab

Check the following: -

‘Auto Connection Mode” is Enable

“Power Saving Mode” Set to Cam (Constantly Awake Mode)

Click - Power Management Tab (If Available)

Un Tick “Allow the computer to turn off this device to save power”

Network Connection Setting

Click-Start- Setting-Network Connection-New Connection Wizard

Select-Connect to the Internet-Next

Select-Set Up My Connection Manually-Next

Select-Connect using a broadband connection that is always on


  The Dazza 12:42 28 Sep 2009

when I click status the small window comes up but does not stay on long enough to follow the rest of your instructions, any ideas?

  ambra4 12:57 28 Sep 2009

See if this will work

Start – Setting – Network Connection – Right Click on the Wireless Area Connection – Properties

  The Dazza 13:31 28 Sep 2009

managed to do most of that except changing the power saving mode and 'Connect even if this network is not broadcasting'.

The connection tab in the bottom right tray is still connecting than a red cross and not connected.

Does any brain box know a solution for this?

  The Dazza 19:44 28 Sep 2009

Come on, someone must know!

  peter99co 20:21 28 Sep 2009

Check that the "Wireless Network Connection" has obtained its correct addresses (IP, Subnet Mask, Default Gateway and DNS Servers) by DHCP from the Router.

Do this by running IPCONFIG /ALL in a Command Prompt window and the IP address should almost certainly be a 192.168.x.x address or, possibly, a 10.x.x.x address.

If you have a "169.254" address, then you probably haven't connected properly to the wireless network and Windows has defaulted to allocating an APIPA address (Automatic Private IP Addressing). This won't let you access either the Router or the internet.

  peter99co 20:22 28 Sep 2009
  zklampkin 08:29 29 Sep 2009

Are you sure that you have the correct password?

  peter99co 16:01 30 Sep 2009

Any news?

  The Kestrel 17:58 30 Sep 2009

Try this link click here

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