STAAKER 2000 © 18:46 20 Sep 2011

Sometimes my laptop cant get the signal from my wifi (which is in the next room)ive had the same wifi setup for 7 years and was wondering if there is a time i will need to replace it , what is the time the system should last. This seems to be happening more often now, im running windows Vista on a 5 year old machine. I do always eventually get to log in tho as i say its happening more and more and taking longer to catch the signal.


  wednesday 13 18:54 20 Sep 2011

If internet speeds are fine whilst you computer is directly connected to the modem or router, then it probably does need replacing. Have you tried connecting with other devices to make sure?

  STAAKER 2000 © 19:06 20 Sep 2011

No the speed of my internet is much slower now, i havent tried connecting to other devices as yet but my speed the pages load is away down to what it was a couple of years ago.

  wednesday 13 19:23 20 Sep 2011

Have you tried using an ethernet cable or bypassing the router i mean

  STAAKER 2000 © 19:58 20 Sep 2011

Yes tried using the ethernet and it it doesnt connect at all using that so i gave that up in the end and now just prsever and eventually logon

  wednesday 13 20:16 20 Sep 2011

My initial guess then would be the router, although my desktop used to have similar problems with connecting by wifi and ethernet. All I can suggest without wasting your money is to try and determine which end the problem is on by connecting to a different wifi from the computer or to your internet using another device.

  Woolwell 10:53 21 Sep 2011

Same router for 7 years? Then you are doing well in my experience.

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