highside 13:04 14 Feb 2011

Need some really basic help please as never been into wifi before.
Have an HP Pavillion never needed wifi before but want to buy a Kindle (wifi model)
The wireless switch on laptop turns on and offers WLAN network (amongst other secure networks)
Where do I go from here dont have a security key.
Do I have to get a router in order to have my own network and password.
The laptop presently communicates broadband to another room perfectly via ethernet mains plugs.
(I was hoping to download to Kindle from home laptop or can that be done anyway by fixed ISP broadband?)
Thanks for looking.

  onthelimit 13:09 14 Feb 2011

You can connect a Kindle to a USB port and download books from Amazon, so you don't need a network.

  highside 13:16 14 Feb 2011

Thanks for that, I am in Malta at present and Amazon have just told me I cant use Amazon UK so I dont know if using Amazon.com would be the same thing, may have to give up the Kindle idea.

  onthelimit 13:25 14 Feb 2011

If you can't access the UK website, you should be OK to download with Amazon.com (assuming you can get someone in the UK to send a Kindle to you).

  Bagsey 15:47 14 Feb 2011

You should be aware that the two Kindle advertised on Amazon have different abilities.
The cheaper version is Wifi only and will require a conection to a computer. The other Kindle has 3g as well as Wifi and in most cases dose not need to be conected to a computer to download books.
If you buy books from Amazon then you will receive them to your Kindle where ever you are using the 3g facility . This I inderstand is a world wide wireless phone conection, but dont quote me on that. But it does work and is reasonably quick.
I personally would recomend the more expensive Kindle that has 3g as well as Wifi.
You will find Thousands of free books by Googling for them and they can be loaded buy using the Wifi sytem through a USB conection to your computer. You will however need to download Caliber to convert the format of these free books to .mobi file system. click here
I hope that this will give you some help in decision making.

  highside 16:32 14 Feb 2011

Thanks for all that Basey & onthelimit.
Know what to do now and have downloaded Caliber

  bremner 16:39 14 Feb 2011

Here is the way that you can connect the Kindle to a computer via USB click here

  highside 16:49 14 Feb 2011

Thanks for that also.

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