Malapoa1 20:42 26 Dec 2010

I connect to the internet by Wifi from my PC to a Huwei 520b router placed some 5m away in a direct line. Between the router and the PC there is a 45cm thick stone wall. There is, however, a gap in the wall some 2m to the side of the direct line. This gives a three (sometimes four) bar signal strength and adequate speeds. When,however, a visitor's lap-top, closer to the router and in a direct line of sight through the gap, connects to the web through my account, my PC loses its connection, although the signal strength remains at 3/4 bars. Is this normal?
Comments please.

  bremner 21:41 26 Dec 2010

Can you plesae confirm your connections.

Assuming you are on ADSL (Telephone connection) do you have a separate modem and router or just one box i.e. a modem/router

  woodchip 21:44 26 Dec 2010

A PC that's Wireless and Direct line of site will always win over one that's behind a wall

  ashleycardwell94 23:37 26 Dec 2010

what do you mean "connects to the web through my account, my PC loses its connection"

connection to the internet?

check your IP settings. make sure your dns server provides the IP addresses and that your pc gets the IP automatically and that it hasnt been manually set.

  Malapoa1 08:01 27 Dec 2010

Thank you all for your replies.
The Huwei 520b is a combined Modem/Router.My ISP is Talktalk (no don't laugh as they have served me well for four years). I normally get 2.5 - 5.00 Mbs at the end of 1.5 miles of copper wire, some overhead, with the village between me and the exchange. Like everyone I get an occasional less then 0.5 Mbs , especially when the kiddiwinks get home from school.
In this case the connection (blue arrow) turns to (Yellow excalamation mark) whenever the lap top is connected through my ISP. "Diagnose and Repair" tells me to switch off my modem for 10 secs.as there is a problem with it. This only serves to lose both connections and when it is switched on again the situation has not changed. I hope that makes things clearer.

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