prdcb1 20:03 31 May 2006

I have just bought a laptop computer(to save space and wires) which is going to replace my desktop machine. I have an AOl broadband package, can anyone tell mme what i need to still use the broadband wirelessley bearing in mind this is the only computer in the house

  dms05 21:56 31 May 2006

It depends upon what equipment you have to access AOL and do you want to use that or start again? Ideally you should buy something like click here which includes a modem, a router and WiFi. I'm assuming your laptop is wireless equiped.

You should initially connect the adsl modem router to the laptop by LAN cable to set the system up. After the router is operational and wireless is enabled you can disconnect the cable and connect in future from the laptop with its WiFi card.

  prdcb1 08:56 01 Jun 2006

I would like to use the existing equipment AOL provided for me as i have only had it a short while.

  dms05 09:48 01 Jun 2006

What equipment did AOL supply? A USB ADSL Modem? It may be cheaper to use the equipment in my previous link rather than buy the additional equipment needed to to achieve you're objective. Either way it will cost you an additional sum to buy e WiFi Router (my previous link was for equipment with an ADSL Modem /Router /WiFi).

  Taff™ 05:55 03 Jun 2006

If you have cable (NTL/Telewest) as opposed to a BT (ADSL) line you need something slightly different. Either way to go wireless you need a wireless modem to suit either cable or the ADSL line. Otherwise you will have to connect the laptop with a cable to the supplied modem to access the internet.

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