Wierd unexpected font.

  Diemmess 09:51 15 Sep 2006

Much earlier thread click here reached no conclusion.

An otherwise squeaky clean system using Aol, displays pages in what I think is 'Brush Script' instead of expected arial or verdana etc. and is almost unreadable unless I zoom in. (it might also be 'Ruach' both are on this computer)

This was first noticed in the interface writings of Aol Live Help!
Like a good Psychic it seems that only on my machine does it display like this. In fact if I highlight>copy>paste into say Word, it reverts to courier.

I could live with this, Aol Live Help is ex-manual stuff anyway and not-a-lot-a-use.
Then found that any pages of wikipedia displayed entirely in this strange font.

Yesterday I was fiddling with a new installation of picassa2, everything normal until I tried its online help. IE opened looked normal, picassa2 help menu, but as soon as a particular choice was made the page contents were displayed in this same weird font.
I emphasise that as I browse far and wide these are the only circumstances when the weird font appears.

  silverous 10:30 15 Sep 2006

I can't see anything in wikipedia's html that sets the font, usually websites set a font family for the page. So it sounds like on the odd occasion that websites don't, your default is 'odd'.

What do you see if you follow this:

click here

  Diemmess 11:05 15 Sep 2006

I see everything as expected. The settings are identical with your image link.

For reasons I needn't explain, this computer is using HyperOs and has alternative systems.

I have tried removing the two fonts from the current system, clearing the cache and rebooting.
Mercifully, this is a niggle not really stopping much of what I do, but unless someone comes up with a miracle cure I will (one day) scour the whole lot and remove every trace of both possible fonts and see what the errant pages can do with that!

  silverous 11:13 15 Sep 2006

I suspect hyperos is the issue (just did a search and found several articles about hyperos and fonts, though none appeared to be this specific issue) - do you have support with them?

  Diemmess 11:55 15 Sep 2006

Yes, there is a good forum for HyperOs support click here
Response is nothing like as fast and furious as it is on this noble site, but yours is a good idea. I'll try it.

Computers, (whatever frustrated users may call them) are absolutely logical.
If/when I find an answer I will be delighted to say what and tick this thread.

  silverous 12:13 15 Sep 2006

Diemmess - I'm 100% with you on that.

Nothing frustrates me more than experienced IT people saying something akin to "maybe it's just gone wrong".... very occasional something corrupts without apparent explanation but 9 times out of 10 (or more) there is a perfectly logical explanation for things not working/going wrong in it.... my first question is usually "what's changed".

  Diemmess 17:36 15 Sep 2006

"Perhaps you could post a link to the thread that identifies a link between HyperOs and font problems. Somehow I doubt very much, with all due respect to those who post on PCA, that this is true and would like to understand why someone might think this is the case."

Now I feel guilty...... Of rumour mongering.

  silverous 18:13 15 Sep 2006

I didn't say "font problems", just articles about hyperos and fonts. This suggested to me that hyperos is dependent on windows fonts and their presence across the various machines that it gives you. e.g.

click here

I was drawing a conclusion from that, perhaps a bit of a leap on my part - apologies to you and the "head moderator" over there for that. Feel free to blame me :)

  Diemmess 18:29 15 Sep 2006

Worry not!
This is all a most gentlemanly thing.
Part of my post on that forum excusing us is pasted here-
"There was no slur intended, rather I hoped there was a known problem. The member who suggested this, had already tried in vain to find a valid thread, but was trying his best to be helpful.

I think that since HyperOs is less well known than other Windows management/cloning devices it an easy cop-out to seek refuge blaming an unknown (to them) system."
All of which doesn't get me much further - yet,
but I live in hope.

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