Wierd Start-up problem

  griffo 12:27 26 Dec 2006

I have recently had to replace the MB, CPU and RAM in an XP PC. All went fine and it runs well, however, often I need to switch it on and off several times before the front panel power light comes on and starts the boot up.

The HD light and CD, DVD and FD lights come on and stay on but no power light or boot up. After a number of attempts, it starts fine with no error messages.

Has anyone got suggestions on what the cause might be please?

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 12:34 26 Dec 2006

Check the PSU connections to the motherboard.
Plus is the PSU powerful enough for your new equipment?
Power supply calculator click here

  griffo 12:51 26 Dec 2006

Hi Fruit Bat, thanks for the reply. I've checked the connections, all seems tight and OK. The PSU is a Hiper HPU 3S350, which is, I think, 330W?

I tried the supply calculator and that said it needs 265W, so that should be OK?

  achilles123 15:27 27 Dec 2006

It can take a bit more power to get the drives, fans, etc etc all started up, so your psu MAY be a bit short on surge ability. To check try disconnecting say the CD and Floppy power connectors and see if it starts ok with less load.

  griffo 17:06 31 Dec 2006

thanks for the reply - sorry for the delay, been away for a few days.

I tried your suggestion but it didn't make any difference. However, I noted that the Reset button wasn't working, so I tried turning the wired conector around the other way. When I switched back on, the PC booted straight away and the Reset button now works!

I will monitor things over the next 24 hours and report back - fingers crossed!


  griffo 12:40 01 Jan 2007

Tried again this morning, still got the same problem. Any more ideas please folks?

  quack 13:02 01 Jan 2007

Are you sure that your power switch on the case is not sticking when you press it. If it is not freeing properly,ie: staying slightly depressed,you will get the problem that you report.

  griffo 15:25 01 Jan 2007

I'm pretty sure it's not sticking but thanks for the suggestion.

  pricinosus 23:08 14 Jan 2007

Hello everybody
I have same supply HPU 3S350 and almost same problems at start-up like griffo. The difference is the leds -
No led ligt.
My mobo is an asus a8ne.

The issues came after a year and half. Till then everything gone ok.
In the "early stages of the illness" after a number of attempts, it starts fine that is some weeks ago.

Sometimes if the psu is pulled out of socket for a while, (220 volts in my case somewhere in Europe - same as yours I think, if you live in UK) it wouldn't start from power button.

Now is dead as a rock, no matter how hard and how many pushes give to the power button on my case, it woudn't start, but....


ATX supply connector have a pin called PS_ON (GREEN wire).
The conector must be socketed on the mobo and with a chunk of wire, if i short circuit this to the GND (BLACK wire near the GREEN one) for a under a second, and almost instantly i push the power button on my case the computer starts and work with absolutely no problems. It is litle bit clumsy, but for me is working.


A long time ago, i had problems with a supply. It starts in one computer and in another not, and another supply starts in both computers.
I removed all the "big energy consumers hdd, cdrom, dvdroms... but the same

Something goes wrong,... MOBO or SUPPLY, i don't know, i was to lazy to verify. But I will borrow a power source from a friend and give it a try.
I give 90% faulty supply.
I'll be back with news.

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