Widows reinstall

  Hrosir 08:53 03 May 2004

I have completed my first pc and all seems fine, however, when it csme to reinstalling XP I am having problems. I know that activation is neccessary but I am unable to get the start up procedure to recognize the product key. I have used the same disc that I previously loaded on my last pc and have since broken up for spares. Am I going to need to buy another Windows XP pack?. Why if power supplies are so noisy are they mounted inside the pc case? surely it would be more efficient to have an external supply where it could be sited out of ear shot. My pc power supply is noisy but I seem to be stuck with it.

  pipedream 09:10 03 May 2004

Provided your product key is correct, you should be able to get past this point & continue to reinstall XP. However, it will need to be activated in 30 days and as your hardware has changed completely, this will be a problem as XP notes what hardware you have as part of the activation process - I think there's an 'activate by phone' option... you could try explaining to Microsoft that you've scrapped your old PC and they may be sympathetic.

  DJ-Garry 09:19 03 May 2004

Sorry, if I'm hijacking the thread Hrosir, but PipeDream, do you mean that every time I upgrade, or change a piece of hardware in my machine I have to re-register the OS with Microsoft?

  pipedream 09:26 03 May 2004

SupaGez - no, it's only if you change several major components at once (e.g. motherboard, CPU, RAM & hard drive) and then reinstall XP that it could be a problem - a 'scoring' system is used to try to work out whether XP is being installed on an upgraded system or a completely different one.

Hrosir - Have a look at the posting further down ("XP CD") (sorry, not sure how to insert it here)- looks like if you wait up to 90 days there won't be an activation problem!

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