Widgets not right

  dlguk 15:29 10 Feb 2014

Hi all, After a windows update and reboot, my widgets went pear-shaped as though I had set icons to medium. I set them to small (no good for me) and all was well. I would however like to have to icons a fair size and widgets, any takers 

Ty, David

  lotvic 18:11 10 Feb 2014

Please explain again, it's not clear to me what the problem is. Maybe it is your screen resolution that changed after the Windows Update.

  Woolwell 18:18 10 Feb 2014

Which OS?

  dlguk 18:33 10 Feb 2014

Hello and thank you for you’re reply, after allowing updates, all was well until a message appeared telling me I had to 'log off' for updates to take effect. I did so and that was when I discovered the faulty widgets, after checking the screen resolution I changed the icons to 'small' but they had been ok with 1920 x 1080 until that reboot.

Hope this makes sense.

oh Win7

  lotvic 22:29 10 Feb 2014

In what way are the widgets 'faulty'? and which widgets are affected?

  dlguk 17:04 11 Feb 2014

Hi, the Analogue Clock disappeared completely, Weather is just red lettering of the temperature and CPU and RAM usage is a white rectangle with the information in pale font.


  Woolwell 17:53 11 Feb 2014

You mean gadgets not widgets see MS Support Gadgets may not work or display correctly

  dlguk 17:51 12 Feb 2014

Yes you are so right about 'Gadgets', perhaps it is the fact I am trying to get my head round my first Smart Phone. Anyway I should have done a search before posting this thread, the one you supplied gives about all errors other than that I am experiencing, thank you though.

Regards Dave

  Border View 18:00 12 Feb 2014

Exactly the same happened to me. Turns out that these gadgets/widgets are a security risk and Microsoft have put a block on them.

  dlguk 19:42 12 Feb 2014

Hi, did you get a solution to your prob??

Please excuse the delay in in replying but even though I check the box, I don't get an email to notify me of responses.


  Border View 23:14 12 Feb 2014

Dont think there is a solution. Microsoft have pulled the plug on these because of security issues.

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