Widescreen TFT monitor resolutions v CRTs

  Tim1964 00:09 09 Jun 2008

I'm looking into getting a wide-screen TFT monitor to replace my 19" CRT.

A 22" model would give me the same height of viewable area but the native resolutions state a 'maximum' of 1680 x 1050.

My CRT is currently set at 1024 by 768.

My graphics card can support a resolution of 1440 x 900 but not 1689 x 1050.

How would this translate to a wide-screen display?


  GaT7 00:58 09 Jun 2008

What graphics card do you have? Please provide make & model number. It may be showing up as 1440x900 max at the moment, as you have your CRT connected. If that's really the max it'll go, there may be a tweak to get it to the correct resolution, which may include installing the latest drivers for the card.

As far as possible, always run TFT LCD monitors at their 'native' resolution - for most 22" widescreen ones it'll be 1680 x 1050. Otherwise, you could be quite disappointed with the quality of picture, text, etc.

If you cannot get your graphics card to run at the 1680 x 1050 res with the new monitor, you may have to purchase a graphics card that supports that res. G

  ambra4 01:20 09 Jun 2008

A 22” widescreen need a Maximum Resolution “1680x1050 graphic card
Maximum Resolution for a 19” & 22” widescreen must be set to the correct resolution for the

picture to look right which is 1440 X 900 / 1680 X 1050 nothing below or above

It no point buying the display and complaining afterwards that the picture look fat and stretch and

you have a black band at the top and bottom of the display; like so many posting I have seen on this

and other forum site

So buy a new graphic card if your present card cannot display 1680 X 1050

Make sure you get the correct type AGP or PCI-e for your motherboard

If you don’t want to replace your display card buy a normal 22” square monitor not a Widescreen

Uninstall the present driver, shut down the computer, install the new display card connect the LCD

display to the new display card; power up the computer, access the bios if the present display card

is on the motherboard and change the display setting from PCI to AGP or PCI-e save and reboot

Windows will load a temporary driver for the new display card, install the driver from the CD that

came with the display card

All flat panel monitors must use a 60Hertz “Refresh Rate” any other setting you will get a

“Out Of Range Error”

  AL47 02:11 09 Jun 2008

woah, 22 inch , i wouldnt have anything below the 1680,

my laptop is a 17 inch and it runs at 1920x1200 and thats small, but i like it and its super sharp, so i would look at 1680 but more likely what i use on my 17in

  MCE2K5 04:21 09 Jun 2008

click here Mine works at 75 Hertz 1440x900.

19" wide screen Targa Visionary (Lidl's).

  crosstrainer 07:32 09 Jun 2008

Runs @ 1680x1050...Super sharp and fast...Bit it is necessary to edit the config files of some games to force this resolution (Crysis being the latest)

You do need a decent graphics card to achieve this, and also look at the response times for your new monitor....Aim for 3ms or less.

Graphics card in this is Nvidia 8800GTX, but cheaper cards will still provide the higher resolution. No point in getting a nice new screen and your graphics card not capable of using it's potential.

  Tim1964 20:43 09 Jun 2008

Thanks for the replies guys,

The highest 'widescreen' setting on my graphics card is shown as 1440x900, there is a higher setting of 1600x1200 but the example given (the picture of the monitor with the big no.1 in it) shows this as a squarish one.

I really don't want to change my card so are my options either a 19" widescreen that runs at 1440x900 or a 22" 4:3 one that runs at 1600x1200?


  100andthirty 22:06 09 Jun 2008

What is your Graphics card? Sometimes, either downloading up to date drivers for the card, or installing the new monitor's .inf file "unlocks" other resolutions.

otherwise there are lots of 1440x900 monitors. A perfectly decent Viewsonic model is about £100

  Tim1964 22:42 09 Jun 2008


It comes up as a VIA Chrome9 HC IGP WDDM

It's integrated on a cheap and cheerful eSystem base unit

  Tim1964 22:58 09 Jun 2008

Result !!!

By unticking the "hide all modes this monitor can't display" box in the
Display settings>Advanced>Monitor page, the list now includes 1680x1050 in 16 and 32 bit.

  Stuartli 23:50 09 Jun 2008

Another way is to right click on the Desktop>Properties>Settings tab>Adapter tab>click on List All Modes button.

This will detail all the colour/resolution/refresh rates supported by your graphics card and can be chosen from the list by highlighting the required combination.

Make sure that you Enable the need not to Reboot Windows to effect any changes and OK them.

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