widescreen tft

  007al 00:32 01 Dec 2005

anyone used one of these? i have a 17" tft and was thinking about trying a widescreen,but not sure of any disadvantages.

  Strawballs 00:41 01 Dec 2005

I have a 15.4" widescreen on my laptop have found no disadvantages

  coolman123 13:26 02 Dec 2005

I have 17" Relisys TFT
Good Monitor, speakers Ok, no DVI port. TV tuner, AV ports.
Only disadvantage is that when making copies of screen, using Print Screen, the picture is wide, making it hard to see anything. But most people do not use the feature, so it is alrite.

  007al 18:01 02 Dec 2005

i have that same relisys tv in my bedroom,was going to try it tonight before i get a 19" tmorrow.do you know,i just realised i could have tried my tv when i read your post!
it was late when i first posted though! excuses,excuses lol

  madzad 18:17 02 Dec 2005

I have a 15" screen on my laptop and movies dont seem to suffer nor does anything for that matter..

  007al 18:36 02 Dec 2005

i would have thought it will be better for movies,no black lines top and bottom.i was just wondering wether images were stretched to fit on the desktop although i know i could centre it

  anskyber 18:53 02 Dec 2005

Do you use it for photos? Could be that the vertical height will make the pics small compared with standard screen for portrate style pis, unless of course you buy a very large screen to compensate.

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