widescreen or standard

  chippy+ 17:04 12 Aug 2007

Hi can anyone give me advice i am going to buy 2 new monitors i have the old crt at the moment but can't make up my mind between widescreen or standard i use the pc for general use but my wife uses it for digital photography thanks Chippy

  Olly_jb 17:21 12 Aug 2007

Well, that would depend on which way up she holds the camera! :)

I've got a 19" Widescreen and it's great - my first TFT too, my old monitor is 19" CRT which is HUGE and HEAVY, but it can handle much higher resolutions up to 1600x1200, but I use it at 1280x1024 because any higher and thin lines and small text get a bit blurry. The TFT widescreen is best used at it's highest resolution, which is 1440x900, as it looks really clear, use anything lower and the picture gets stretched to fit and so single pixels are doubled and it looks messy. You have to pay £££'s more to get any higher TFT resolution than that.

I would suggest widescreen - they look nicer together as a pair (you are going for a dual-monitor set-up aren't you?).

  holme 17:46 12 Aug 2007

Although 2 x widescreen sounds great, they do take up an awful lot of real estate. And believe it or not, we've heard comments that, as a pair, the combination is simply too wide for 'comfort'.

Against that, a single, widescreen monitor is /very/ elegant as the aspect ratio (1.6:1) is close to the 'golden ratio' of 1.618:1 and looks just right.

Just a thought. How about a compromise of one widescreen (1.6:1) and one normal (4:3) monitor? We currently have that combination on one of our machines and find it works fine in all respects. Running double-page DTP or graphics (inc. video) on one and browser etc on the other. You do need a swivel chair though! :-)

  countryboy 17:50 12 Aug 2007

Would second Olly_jb on that one. I have a 19 inch wind screen and it great for DVDs and games plus you can get two windows open side by side, very useful for comparing before and after effects when processing digital pictures.

  chippy+ 18:57 12 Aug 2007

Thanks to all for your views the monitors are for two pc's thanks again Chippy

  Swampy 18:58 12 Aug 2007

I bought a new digital camera which is wide screen and the wide screen monitor on the computer is ideal. I wouldn't want to change back now! Good luck with your final choice.

  Stuartli 19:26 12 Aug 2007

To the best of my knowledge, all standard digital cameras are "widescreen" - to take a vertical photograph you turn the camera through 90 degrees.

Same for film cameras apart from sizes such as two-and-a-quarter inches square.

A widescreen monitor, screen size for size with 4:3 standard ratio models, has a smaller height display.

  Stuartli 19:30 12 Aug 2007

I have a 21in Belinea (Maxdata) CRT monitor. It's very little deeper than my previous 17in iiyama, but the display quality and remarkable text sharpness are a match for most TFT models.

It really comes to the fore displaying Freeview TV channels, using an internal PCI Digital+Analogue TV card.

  holme 20:47 12 Aug 2007

'To the best of my knowledge, all standard digital cameras are "widescreen"'

I think you'll find that only a small proportion of the current crop of cameras have a 'widescreen' option. It used to be fairly common but, like digital zoom, has very limited practical value, so has tended to be discontinued.

Currently, camera images are either 4:3 or 5:4 aspect ratio for landscape format or, as you said, turn through 90 degrees for portrait format.

Our previous camera did have 'widescreen' which output images at 16:9 aspect ratio. OK for viewing full-screen on TV but they still needed cropping down to 8:5 to fill a widescreen monitor screen. You pays yer money.

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