Widescreen Monitor help.

  MeandHer 11:38 22 Aug 2009

May be a dumb question, but perhaps someone can help an old git.
Have had to replace my old 19" Moniter.(broke)
And have replaced it with an LG W2243S 22" Widescreen monitor.
My desktop pictures or other pictures now look stretched as I have Widescreen now.
Have I got to resize pictures individually to fit ok.
Or is there something I can do that will make all pictures look ok if I want to view them.

  hssutton 11:49 22 Aug 2009

set the resolution to 1600 x 900 resolution and you should be ok. On Vista right click on desktop and select personalisation and then Display Settings

  MeandHer 12:14 22 Aug 2009

Hi hssutton,
Have tried 1600 x 900 resolution but everything is so small on the screen and doesn't fit it all.
My resolution at the moment is 1074 X 768 and fits all the screen
Am on windows xp.

  Tony W. 12:19 22 Aug 2009

I have an LG L225WS and its set to 1680x1050 screen res.And everything works OK.

  BRYNIT 13:21 22 Aug 2009

As you have a wide screen monitor you are trying to stretch the picture wider than it was intended causing the distortion. If you go into desktop background and change it from to fit screen, to centre the picture. This will show the picture but you will have a boarder at each side.

If you search the web you can download desktop images to fit your screen. Example
click here

The only other option would be to edit the picture but this can be complicated. Landscape pictures can sometimes be cropped at the top and bottom and enlarged slightly to fit the screen without distortion. Portrait pictures will always get stretched and distorted unless you add to the width of the picture.

  GaT7 15:26 22 Aug 2009

If this is your monitor click here, then the screen resolution has to be set at its native 1920*1080 for the best possible picture & text clarity. A CRT screen doesn't have this peculiar 'limitation'.

For desktop wallpaper, you'll need 1920*1080 / 16:9 aspect ratio pictures for the best results. These are available at various sites for free as BRYNIT mentions. And, as he also suggests, you may resize your present wallpaper images to this size / aspect ratio (sacrificing a little quality in the process). Any wallpaper picture smaller than 1920*1080 will need to be set as 'Stretch' in the options to fill the screen completely. But as long as they have the correct 16:9 aspect ratio, they will not suffer any distortion/stretching - except for some degradation in quality as mentioned before.

With screen res set at 1920*1080, your other (non-wallpaper) pictures shouldn't appear stretched/squashed any more.

It's fortunate you have XP as your OS as the icon & text scaling options are so much better than on Vista. These can be adjusted to suit you so everything doesn't look so small. Let me know if you need help with this.

I moved from a 800*600 CRT screen to a 1440*900 TFT, & now on a 1920*1200 TFT. I've always adjusted the desktop wallpaper, icon & text settings accordingly to suit.

However, to begin correcting the issues, your screen resolution must be set at its native resolution. G

  cocteau48 16:36 22 Aug 2009

I have just recently bought a LG 2242S and encountered the same problem with my usual wallpapers.
The recommended resolution of your monitor will probably be 1680x1050 and I found that the easiest way was to resize each picture individually (I use Paint.Net).
Increasing the width to 1680 may well also increase the depth over 1050 and you will lose a bit top and bottom but it does not appear stretched.
As Crossbow7 says there are plenty of sites which offer free downloads of dedicated widescreen wallpapers.

  woodchip 16:45 22 Aug 2009

Try Setting it to 1280x800 there should be no need to get other wallpaper or change any pictures. you can do the above in Display Properties in the Control Panel

  GaT7 16:56 22 Aug 2009

cocteau48, your monitor's native res is indeed 1680*1050, while MeandHer's 1920*1080 - see the LG link provided, & my many references to the latter.

woodchip, as already mentioned, setting a TFT screen resolution other than its native isn't going to be the best. Why would anyone purchase a 1920*1080 TFT screen & use it at anything less? G

  cocteau48 17:21 22 Aug 2009

I stand corrected Crossbow7 ... cheers.

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