Widescreen Laptop - small text!

  hawthorn59 21:30 20 Aug 2006


I have a HP Laptop, 15" Widescreen. No major problems as such, except the size of print/text especially when online. I imagine the problem is because it's widescreen, obviously the vertical height of the screen is smaller than a standard 15".

I have tried resizing, and different resolutions, but not to much avail. What I have had to resort to is using Firefox and enlarging the text by holding ctrl and scrolling the mouse wheel, but you have to do it every time you open a page. Surely PCs should be more stress free than this!!!!

So my question is; I may be changing my laptop soon, should I go for Widescreen or Standard? I rarely use spreadsheets and seldom look a DVDs on it.

I was told in one store that standard screens dont come in "brightscreen" etc format, just "standard"



  Strawballs 21:31 20 Aug 2006

I have a 15.4" widescreen HP laptop which I am using at the moment and I can't say I have ever had a problem with text size.

  Stuartli 21:45 20 Aug 2006

Try changing Firefox text sizes from Tools>Options>Content tab until you find one that suits.

You can also use Ctrl with + or - to alter the text size but, like using the mouse scroll wheel, it has to be done for every window or tab.

  hawthorn59 01:07 21 Aug 2006

Well Strawballs I just dont know, maybe its me! But some pages that load, the print is so tiny I just cant read it! I do notice on the "square" screen my nephew has, the print just appears larger. Its more a proportion thing, I think. In fact are the webpages not smaller on a widescreen, ie sometimes you just see vacant space at each side??


  Stuartli 08:32 21 Aug 2006

If you try and create a 4:3 image in a 16:9 frame then something has to give...:-)

At least widescreenTV sets are provided with an image that's intended for that format and it's the standard 4:3 set viewers that lose a bit of the picture.

Even that point is covered by programme producers as each side of the widescreen format transmission usually/still contains some non-valuable images.

  squareye 00:21 22 Aug 2006

How about; desktop>properties>settings>advanced>display>dpi setting-custom setting (If your screen resolution makes screen items too small to view comfortably....etc.)

  squareye 00:47 22 Aug 2006

110% = 106dpi was enough on mine, it may need a bit of experiment, I would also recommend Control Panel > Clear Type Tuning if you have it, here if you don't-
click here to refine above adjustment

  squareye 00:53 22 Aug 2006

By the way -screen resoltion is the same... just the writing is bigger. Sorry for 3 posts, must go to bed....

  Diversion 01:14 22 Aug 2006

In Internet Explorer click on the View and down to Text Size, you have five settings to choose from. and click here to alter the size of your icons.

I hope this helps Regards D

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