Widescreen laptop not viewing websites properly

  erkmatrix 23:39 28 Feb 2007

My dad has recently a Acer Aspire 5101AWLMi AMD Turion MK-36 1GB RAM 120GB HDD 15.4" CrystalBrite TFT Radeon Xpress 1100 Windows Vista Home Premium.

It has a widescreen like most new laptops appear and has this windows vista. Setting it up for him has been a knightmare, first of all this opererating system doesn't seem to like firefox and crashes it. So resorting to Internet explorer. The text is very small even for my eyes, I've managed to change the font on the actual windows but some websites are appearing very small text and with the pages all to the left hand side. Have tried in IE to change the internet options / general / accessibility / and ingnore font sizes. which makes the fonts bigger but then messes up menus for certain sites like bbc football site which he likes. I have also tried increasing text size in page /text size but seems to make the littlelest of difference and when you close and re-open ie its back small. Is the screen res on the wrong setting or anything else to try to make the text bigger. Beginning to think widescreens arn't very good for web browsing.


  dms05 08:28 01 Mar 2007

I'm running a very similar Acer Aspire with AMD 64 bit processor and widescreen but different graphics card. I get correct web rendering in IE, Firefox, Opera and Avant. That makes me suspect the settings for the graphics card.

Howevr what screen resolution was the previous computer? When you go from 1078*650 to 1280*800 the font is much smaller, and maybe what you have is correct but you just don't like it.

I routinely use Opera as my browser and mail client. It has lots of features, such as increasing font size is achieved by pressing + (and - reduces font size). Plus you can set font style and size for almost all functions.

  erkmatrix 09:05 01 Mar 2007

hi how do I change the setting for graphic card as I say this is just websites cause I made the text on the computer bigger fine.

  anskyber 09:27 01 Mar 2007

Control Panel, Appearance and Personalisation, Personalisation, choose adjust screen resolution.

  L_Driver 11:36 01 Mar 2007

If browser = IE7 then
Bottom right of browser adjust Zoom
Search Me
End If

  L_Driver 14:17 04 Mar 2007

Any joy ??

  erkmatrix 14:43 04 Mar 2007

No not really, tried it on a different resolution but it was crappy quality so have just changed the internet options / general / accessibility / and ignnore font sizes. It mucks up websites though but can be lived with, can't for the life of me think why laptops now are be built with widescreens, and not much impressed with windows vista, seems too hard to find things now and slows machine.

  L_Driver 14:53 04 Mar 2007

I mean did you try as per my suggestion 3 postings up ??

  Graham. 14:57 04 Mar 2007

IE, View, Text size.

  Spark6 15:10 04 Mar 2007

With apologies to junipaire, I have a widescreen laptop running IE 7, my home page is BBC News. With the zoom set to 100% the page is just over half the screen width.

Adjusting it to 150% the page is almost full width but, quite naturally, the text is larger. The PCA site however has to be 'juggled' to hide the animated ads on the right

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