Widescreen half empty.

  gasach 14:54 11 Dec 2006

I have just bought an Acer AL1916W 19" widscreen monitor which has an optimum resolution of 1440 x 900. It works fine at this reolution until I go online.

When I open any web browser the web page will only fill the left half of the browser window, leaving half of the screen just white.

If I progressively reduce the resolution more of the browser window gradually gets filled with the web page,until I reach 800 x 600 when the whole of the screen is utilised as normal.

Using IE7 or Opera on high res. it is possible to ise the browser zoom to stretch the web page to fill the browser, but I can't be doing that every time I open a page.

Anyone got a solution please.

XP Home SP2
1.7 Ghz Processor
80 Gb H/D
512 Mb RAM
Nvidia GeForce 4 MX420 Version 93.71
Monitor Driver 5.1.2001.0

  anskyber 15:03 11 Dec 2006

Yes, in IE7 tools, internet options,accessibility uncheck reset to 100% it will stay at your setting.

  anskyber 15:03 11 Dec 2006

advanced then accessibility

  gasach 15:23 11 Dec 2006

anskyber I thought you has solved the problem for when I did what you said it worked on the sites where only half a page was on show.

Silly me though had forgotten to tell the whole story. The problem I outlined only happens on about 50% of the web sites I visit, on the remainder the pages fill the screen as normal.

So using your suggestion those sites now appear at 200% zoom, just as bad as the too small problem.

Thanks for your help can you go one stage further.

  Kate B 15:28 11 Dec 2006

Some websites just don't fill a widescreen monitor - I've got a 24" monitor and the BBC website, for example, is set at what looks like an A4 width set to the left of the screen. The Guardian's website for me is also a fixed-width centred, leaving white strips down each side. PCA is also a fixed-width, with wide blue strips down each side. It's one of the quirks of a widescreen monitor that you have to get used to. And actually, I prefer fixed-width sites. Wikipedia stretches as wide as the monitor and it's quite hard to read long, long, long lines of text.

  anskyber 15:29 11 Dec 2006

Sorry that's me finished. It is an issue for widescreen monitors and sites which are written in the standard format eg the BBC site.

As more move over to the widescreen format so the issue will go away although I suspect it will be some time.

In the future OS like Vista will use that real estate for their various widgets.

  zarobian 15:38 11 Dec 2006

Reduce the refresh rate from 75HZ to 60Hz and work upward to find a happy medium.


  gasach 17:35 11 Dec 2006

Zarobian, it only has two refresh rates when set at optimum res.

Thanks to you all for your advice, looks like I'll have to be patient and wait for the BBC etc to catch up with latest trends.

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