Wibbly TV picture with Leadtek Winfast TV2000 card

  SparkyMarky 17:39 01 Jan 2004

Happy Nude Year to everyone!!
Just got a Leadtek Winfast TV2000 TV (and vid cap) card!! Brilliant value for 40 squids. Only problem is, on all five TV channels, I have a horrible wavy wibbling down the screen. Sometimes BBC2 and ITV are OK, but it doesn't last long. The wibbling varies in speed - sometimes it's so slow I can hardly see it. It is a problem with the TV aerial (on the roof - although I'm not even sure the wire that goes up there is actuall connected!!)?? The main TV is on cable and in a different room, so I can't try it out; a B/W portable shows no wibbling. Any clues?
thanks in advance guys and gals!

  bluenote 21:19 01 Jan 2004

I think you're right about the aerial.I had the same problem until I connected to the roof aerial.Now I have a great picture.

  SparkyMarky 21:31 01 Jan 2004

Cheers Bluenote - that's what I suspected! Looks like I'll have to get someone up on my roof to check out the connection! Ta matey! Markx

  dfghjkl 21:35 01 Jan 2004

not got a coat hanger?

  SparkyMarky 21:39 01 Jan 2004

Oooh, hadn't thought about that: maybe some sort of indoor aerial would work, like the kind you use for portable TVs...... hmmmmmm...... Mxx

  carver 21:59 01 Jan 2004

If you want a decent indoor aerial, Dixon's do one, I got two for the kids TV'S, problem is there's no makers name on them, just the name of the aerial,'One for all'. They are powered from the mains supply and they are good.

  SparkyMarky 22:06 01 Jan 2004

Cheers mate - how much are they? Mx

  carver 22:50 01 Jan 2004

Sorry forgot to mention price, about £19 each when I bought them, but a lot cheaper than having someone climb on a roof. They do two types powered and unpowered, if you do buy one don't buy the unpowered one unless your reception is brilliant, hope it helps.

  SparkyMarky 01:16 02 Jan 2004

Well, I know it was probably meant as a joke, but - blow me down! - the coathangar worked!! Found an old bit of coax, stuffed the coathanger down the end, and bingo: an almost perfect pic!! Have to shift it around a bit for different channels if I want it spot on, but bloody hell it's good!! Cheers dfghjkl (if that's your real name!)! Markyxxx

  Mysticnas 01:41 02 Jan 2004

a great picture???

i've got mine connected up to digital cable TV, and it's not very impressive. ok so a monitor is not made to show that type of image... but still...

hmmm y haven't i tried scart to svideo....

silly me...

  SparkyMarky 01:52 02 Jan 2004

Seriously - the coathanger gives a brilliant pic, although, like I say, I need to shift it slightly for getting the absolutest best pic from one or two of the channels. Just did a capture and emailed a 5 sec clip to a mate who's into these things and he was amazed at the quality! Mxx

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