WI-FI Speed Drop

  ttquatro 15:45 15 Oct 2010

I have a wireless network running 3 laptops and am getting severe loss of download speeds when connected to internet. 2 laptops are Vista on 802.11n dongles and other laptop is Win7 on 802.11n card. I have recently upgraded to Virgin 50mbs and tested all laptops on ethernet connection and get 50mbs or better !! When on wifi Win7 laptop gets 30-50 mbs dependant on location but both Vista laptops max out at 15mbs. Router is new D-Link 615 and modem is new virgin supplied model. Can anyone help me to get better speed on Vista laptops b4 wife throws her laptop at me ? ? !!

  onthelimit 16:24 15 Oct 2010

Not an answer, but I'd die for speeds like that on ethernet!

Are the two laptops the same make? If so, I'd assume the wireless cards to be poor (I had this sort of problem with the supplied card on a Samsung notebook. Changed it to a Broadcomm and all was well).

  ttquatro 17:33 15 Oct 2010

Sorry to make you drool onthelimit. yes both laptops are exectly the same Amilo 3910. I have disabled the onboard wifi cards as they are only 802.11g cards, this is why I have Edimax 802.11n dongles but this didnt improve download speeds. I must be missing something but have no idea what.

  mgmcc 19:45 15 Oct 2010

I have an Edimax 802.11n dongle which, in one of my computers (Windows 7 64-bit), would only connect at the 54Mbps speed of an 802.11g adapter.

I'm now using it in an XP Laptop where it connects at 150Mbps (its rated speed). Check that your Edimax adapters are actually connecting at their rated speed (150Mbps or 300Mbps) because, if not, that could be the cause of the slow download speeds.

  ttquatro 10:52 19 Nov 2010

Problem Solved !! I upgraded both laptops to Windows7 and lo and behold download speeds shot up to 50mbps on both machines.
I had my suspicions that Vista was the problem and that has been confirmed.
Thanks for input I will keep looking in to see if any others get same results.

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