wi-fi signal strength

  Ironside02 11:03 21 Mar 2008

We have three laptops in the household with built in wireless. Each can access the home wireless network with varying success. The newest laptop has the most difficulty in getting a connection, and can not get a signal downstairs at all.
The home system uses a Speedtouch adsl modem conected to a Draytek Vigor 2200 usb router/switch with a Linksys wireless-G 2.4GHz Access point inturn connected to it.

A collegue mentioned we should try a mimo router to improve the signal strength. What would this entail, which bits would it replace and is it a sensible solution?

  2bathred 11:52 21 Mar 2008

Signal strength is dependent on not only distance but also any electronic obstacles or diversions that exist in the house, these can be the wiring ,plumbing, building materials even other radio signals that swamp the air these days. I have 3 PCs all in the same room and all show different signal strengths even though they are within 15feet of the router. Suprisingly enough the nearest has the lowest strength.

  setecio 11:53 21 Mar 2008

Think in a straight line from the router to the laptop. Are there any thick walls, metal objects, mirrors etc .... can the router be moved to make less 'material' in the direct line to the laptop.

Or maybe the wireless router could be relocated to the middle of the house and reach all devices.

It is best to try and easily solve it with what you have before going mimo.

Have you tried changing wireless channel in the router to rule out interference ?

A new antennae for the router or a hawkings usb dish adapter for the laptop ?

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A DIY reflector ? click here search youtube

How about an ethernet cable up to the top room ?

Many possibilities ... depends what you want to try .

  Ironside02 12:23 21 Mar 2008

2bathred and setecio
Thanks for the responses. Unfortunately there is nowhere ideal position in the house that would suit reeption in all locations. There are plenty of walls metal objects to get round.

Thanks for the other suggestions - is the one on ebay for real?!

I dont know what mimo is. Is it not a solution?

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 12:48 21 Mar 2008

A bit of cardboard covered in tinfoil and cured to the right shape will help reflect/ strengthen the wireless signal

  Newuser939 15:54 21 Mar 2008

Don' rule out the use of powerline adapters - not cheap but certainly effective. I have this one to cope with the kind of situation you describe and it works brilliantly.
click here

  setecio 16:14 21 Mar 2008

How about an ethernet cable to another wireless access point in the low signal area ?

  Ironside02 20:22 25 Mar 2008

Thanks for this, but after looking at the web site I am not sure how it works. Does it work wirelessly with the laptops?

  peter99co 20:33 25 Mar 2008

How to diy an extender click here

  Newuser939 12:30 26 Mar 2008

The powerline adapters do not work wirelessly. In effect they use your power circuits as if they were connected ethernet cabling. Therefore, you connect your modem/router to one adapter by an ethernet cable and plug it into a power outlet nearby and your computer to another adapter by ethernet cable. That second adapter can be plugged in to any power outlet in your house.

  Covergirl 12:34 26 Mar 2008

My USB wireless dongle is less than 3 feet in a straight unobstructed line from my router and I'm getting 58-62% signal strength !

Doesn't seem to affect the speed though.

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