Wi Fi for a numpty

  bordercomp 13:23 29 Mar 2007


Being physically disabled and finding it increasingly difficult to get around I bought a new laptop, an Acer Aspire 9301 with Windows Vista Home Premium already installed, on its specs it lists a modem, Lan 10/100/1000 base T and wireles 802.11 b/g, I want to set up a wireless network using a Netgear DG 834G v2 router to a pc and the laptop, the Pc is running Windows XP Home Edition, on checking the router CD info. as to O/S connections it doesn't list Vista (anybody still there), I've heard its best to connect initially to a card in the PC then extend from there, if this is so what card will I need (Netgear ?)and when connected will I be able to connect my laptop to the network (the whole point of the exercise), I already have a Netgear WG 111 v2 USB wireless adaptor, I'm capable as far as fitting cards and connectors and have built several PC's but for some reason (I'm thick?) wifi is a mystery, I'd appreciate any help/advice on the above.


  Sic 14:03 29 Mar 2007

OK, a very similar install to me, which should be very simple hopefully!!!

First you connect the router to your PC using an ethernet cable (i assume your PC has an ethernet port?) the router comes with this cable. Also connect to power block and phone line as you would a USB modem.

Run the CD which will load into explorer, its very straightforward, get your wired connection sorted before tackling the wireless part. You should have steady green lights on the router to show you have a connection to the internt.

Once you have a stable connection select the wireless properties, enable security and choose password or passkey etc. Make sure the network is named and visible (check box).

Search for wireless networks using your laptop, hopefully you should now see your network you just created.

Click connect and enter your password.

  Sic 14:05 29 Mar 2007

The netgear instructions worked for me first time if you follow them step by step.

  bordercomp 14:35 29 Mar 2007

Cheers Sic, yes the PC does have an ethernet connector, I'll follow your advice, believe me when I say very little's ever simple to me, I'll post the result.


  Pineman100 14:42 29 Mar 2007

Yes, please do post back your results, with details of any problems you hit. I shall be very interested (being a fellow numpty!)

  bordercomp 18:30 29 Mar 2007

I might have known, I bought this router s/h but supposedly unused and still in its box although the box had been opened but it appears the driver disc is missing as the routers modem won't install, XP detects it but no drivers on the CD supplied, I opened the one CD I got with it and it only has pdf files and a facility to help with connection, I tried the Netgear site but they only list updates for the routers, hey ho screwed again, its back to the good old single user Tiscali modem then as I ain't buying a new router, sort of buggers up the laptop idea though, anyway thanks again for your help.


  MAJ 18:49 29 Mar 2007

Which model of router is it, bordercomp?

  Sic 19:06 29 Mar 2007

Hey don't be so negative!!

You have to plug the router in as previously described, and then use the instruction booklet to enter the address in the browser window, that will guide you through it.

You dont need drivers per se. Chin up!! ;o)

  bordercomp 11:02 30 Mar 2007

Hi again,

MAJ its a Netgear DG834G v2 router,Sic, problem two, no instruction booklet.


  bjh 11:10 30 Mar 2007

That's what the pdf file on your disk is - an instruction mauual. There are often 2, one that is a "quick start" guide, the other a full 350 page manual. The first is usually too brief, and the second you'd need a PhD to understand!.

However, what I learned, as a fellow "numpty" (is there a club badge?) is to take it REAL SLLLOOOOWWW when setting up a network. It does work eventually, and it sounds like sic has a very similar setup... and sounds helpful. In the meantime, put the kettle on, and investigate that cd for PDF manuals! try the shorter one first!!!

  bof:) 14:19 30 Mar 2007

I second bjh's approach, putting the kettle on is always a good thing to do it gives you a break from what you are doing, allowing your numpty mind (I have one to) too digest what you've done so far.

How are you getting on :-)

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