Wi-Fi Network advice please

  semrots 20:50 06 Sep 2004

BT have decided to give us Broadband (yipee) I'm looking to connect by using a combined WiFI router/modem firewall such as the Netgear DG834G. At present I just have the one home PC which will connect by WiFi (I do have specific reasons for wanting to use the above type of kit.) Home PC is a PII 400MHZ runing W98,and 256 RAM. Ideally I want to use a PCI WiFi card as I hope to get a new PC at Xmas, and this one will prob. go to my son (aged 11), so I don't want him plugging around a USB device.

Research has revealed that Netgears PCI cards seem to need a higher spec processor. Their USB devices seem to be USB 2 and I'm sure I'm not.

I'm also interested in the Belkin equivalent, and here there's no mention of processor grunt for the PCI card, but I've seen a reference to the fact the cards only fit the latest PCI slots so as my PC is probably about 6 years old.....! Again their USB ones are USB 2.

I've been advised to try and use matching kit, i.e. Netgear WiFi card with Netgear router, to minimise problems. Can you mix and match OK?

So will the Netgear card fit/work on this spec? Is there one that will?

If I used USB2 stuff will that still work albeit with a degrade in service speed (but probably still faster than dial up)?

Could I use a 'b' PCI card rather than 54mbt. OK slower, but should be supported by the router. If so will it force the router to run all its connections at the slower speed (I'm thinking of when I get the new PC which could use the 54mt connection).

Lastly I'm told I need to fit micro filters to all my phone sockets. I assume its as well to fit them when ordering B/band so that they're in place when its enabled to avoid noise on the voice calls? It just seems a lot of the blurb from providers doesn't seem to give any real guidance on that part, and I have visions of people suddenly finding noise on the line before they've got the kit sorted!

Thanks for any and all advice/tips


  Graham ® 20:59 06 Sep 2004

Blimey, Rod! You fit filters once BB is enabled. Your ISP will often send you two with the modem.

Get the BB working before you venture into routing.

  hellred 21:16 07 Sep 2004

I assume this netgear router will be plugged into the existing PC and so no need to get a card at all, any new Pc just plug in a PCI or USB adapter and whatever standard it runs on thats the speed it will connect on whether 802.11b or g no matter after all the router will run either standard. The USB ports are backward compatible again no problem !!!

The filters are needed to seperate the higher frequency signal of the ADSL transmissions and are plugged in at the wall socket of each outlet in the house if you use a pone there as well.

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