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  SCARGILL 16:15 26 Jan 2009

Hello everyone,

I'm not very good with Technology and so was wondering if I could get some expert help.

I am in the market for a Laptop which has an excellent range for picking up Wi-Fi. What I am trying to do is to pick up Wi-Fi probably from a distance of roughly 100 metres - probably less. But to ensure that I pick it up I obviously need a laptop that is going to have a powerful enough capability to do that.

Can anyone help ?

Kind regards


  rawprawn 16:38 26 Jan 2009

I doubt anything will connect to WI- FI at 100 meters

  SCARGILL 16:43 26 Jan 2009

Hi Rawprawn,

Thanks for your answer. What laptop can I get then that has the most powerful WI-FI pick up range ?


  rawprawn 16:57 26 Jan 2009

I think you will find all laptops much the same. I am not an expert but I would suggest you look at ways of extending your wi fi reception
click here
I have never tried but maybe someone here has.

  oldbeefer2 17:01 26 Jan 2009

I'm pretty sure that most laptops have a similar sensitivity. The main difference is the output power from the router. Even so, as rawprawn says, 100 mtrs is pushing it even for the best router with a high output antenna. Why does it need to be so far? Depending on location, there may be other options to consider.

  SCARGILL 17:11 26 Jan 2009

Hi Guys,

Ok maybe it would help if I explained what I am trying to achieve. I want to install broadband in building A, which is I approximately about 100 metres away from building B where I hope to be able to connect to the WI FI that will be installed in building A.

I need a very fast connection and can't connect the WI FI into building A because very simply I don't own it. Mobile broadband is simply way to slow for my purposes.

Any bright ideas ?

  SCARGILL 17:11 26 Jan 2009

Just to add I am in central London

  oldbeefer2 18:21 26 Jan 2009

If the two buildings are on the same mains electrical circuit, then homeplugs eg. click here may be the answer.

  woodchip 18:29 26 Jan 2009

If you are thinking of hooking into some one else's BB its illegal

  woodchip 18:30 26 Jan 2009

central London, Thats not going to help one bit

  SCARGILL 19:19 26 Jan 2009


Ok Firstly i'm certainly NOT thinking of hooking into the some one elses BB. But I can't use homeplugs becuase the computers are not in the same building. Any ideas ?

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