Wi-fi Hotspots

  Esso43 14:09 21 Sep 2004

I am living away from home during the week and would like to connect to the internet. How can I check if a site is a hotspot I have checked the site zdnet uk and the BTopenzone site. They give nice maps etc but I am not sure how reliable they are as one of the sites is the Students Union at Loughborough which the SU people do not think they have one?

Any ideas how I can check that there is a hotspot before I spend any money?

  Graham ® 14:13 21 Sep 2004

Try this site click here

  Esso43 14:30 21 Sep 2004

Thanks for that, a very good page it kinda agrees with the BTopen ZOne and others (better information though).

These are still in contrast to what the SU people think is going on! Would they necesaily know the hotspot is there? I would have thought teh ISP was paying them for the privalage but I do not know how their business plan works?

Is there a way i can test it myself?

  TomJerry 14:48 21 Sep 2004

You may be able to use wireless access point for free if you are naughty.

A recent computer mag (do not remember which)article indicates that many people leave their wireless network open. So everyone with a wifi laptop will be able to use it. The person wrote the article tried this by driving through a street. He find a lot.

Of course, you should not use it even it is open because use something without permission is theft.

Maybe SU has a open wireless net and SU guys/girls do not know about it.

  Esso43 14:56 21 Sep 2004

I think BT are advertising a servce though, but if I was sitting in there how would I know if there was signal?

  Graham ® 14:59 21 Sep 2004

The SU may be renting the premises, so the landlord would have given permission and recieve any payment.

  Graham ® 15:01 21 Sep 2004

Altogether 'i before e except after c' :-)

  Esso43 15:02 21 Sep 2004

Not sure that maybe the answer as I guess the University are the landlord.

So how would I be able to tell if there was a signal before I buy a package from BT or who ever (The Cloud)

  Graham ® 15:34 21 Sep 2004

Ask the University?

  TomJerry 15:46 21 Sep 2004

something may drop from sky, but do not be naughty

  Stuartli 16:00 21 Sep 2004

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