Wi-Fi with existing network?

  grahamrhind 08:41 17 Jul 2003

I already have a normal "wired" network between my 3 PCs, using Windows XP, using a hub and sharing a broadband Internet connection. I now have a PDA with Wi-Fi capabilities, so I want to hook this up to this existing network. I haven't seen anything yet which suggests to me that you can mix and match a wired and wi-fi network - it seems to be either/or. So the question: can I get a "receiver" which I can plug into an existing hub so that I can add a wi-fi device to my network? Can this then also share the Internet connection? Can anybody point to any articles that clarify this?

Thanks in advance!

  Lozzy 11:09 17 Jul 2003

In a word no. To use a wireless network you will need to get a wireless router then using straight rj45 cables connect the PC's on the network to the router/access point then you can gain access via wireless and the pc's will remain wired as you have it at the moment. Your BB connection must go directly into the router gateway. I would suggest if your going down that route get a 54g capability gateway router access point that is 802.11b and 802.11g compatible.

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