Is wi-fi this easy, or am I missing something?

  § 12:41 07 Mar 2005

I've read most of the threads, and other articles, on networking and convinced myself that I can do it.....

I have a laptop running XP with 802.11b/g wireless LAN that I want to link wirelessly to a PC running ME to swap files, share the internet etc.

Am I naive in thinking that all I need to buy is a broadband wireless router (to connect to the PC)and a wireless PCI adapter to fit in the PC; and bob's yer uncle off I go?

Do I need any special software to make the file transfers, connect the laptop to the internet etc?

And what's the significance of the 802.11b/g? Does it mean that the laptop supports both b and g (whatever that is!!) and if so, what card should I buy for the PC?

ps - I have a knack for making things sound difficult; I think it's called fear :{

  § 12:45 07 Mar 2005

"wireless router (to connect to the PC)"

I should have double read my post - obviously the router connects to the BB and not the PC ...doh

  spikeychris 16:14 07 Mar 2005

Your 802.11b/g adapter is saying it is backwards compatible with 802.11b. 11G will run at speeds up to 54Mbit/sec as apposed to the 11Mbit/sec on 802.11b

How do you get the net now? if its ADSL through your telephone line or cable you just plug the Cat5 cable into the router instead of the computer and install a wireless device in the desktop running ME. When you buy the router it will ship with an installation CD that will do all the hard work for you, you will have to install it both machines and it will set the IP's up. You don't need any other software to share files and folders. However - get the network set up first then post your file and folder sharing questions.

  § 16:56 07 Mar 2005

Thanks for that spikeychris. I'm on cable btw.

From what you say, I should buy both an 802.11g wireless card and router.

Are there any recommended makes, I seem to recall Belkin being mentioned.

  The Kestrel 17:12 07 Mar 2005

If your PC is close to the 'phone socket, you do not need to have a wireless adapter in your PC. You can simply connect from the ethernet socket on the back of your PC to your modem/router by cable. Much cheaper, and faster I believe.

  spikeychris 17:15 07 Mar 2005

You could get a USB wifi adapter for the desktop as this will save you having to open the case. click here You get both the router and the USB adapter for £99.99. I promise you will find it soooo easy, the installation buddy [on the CD-ROM] was written for a child to follow.

  § 18:40 07 Mar 2005

Thanks very much - that looks interesting.

  § 10:04 08 Mar 2005

I've just seen a response by the FE in another thread "If you would like to go online via the IBM without having to turn the Mesh machine on you can, but you'll need to buy a wireless router".

From this do I correctly deduce that I don't require a router but the laptop could access the internet via the PC?

The Kestrel in your configuration am I right in thinking that both machines would be able to access the internet, but that they wouldn't be able to file share?

  TonyM 12:40 08 Mar 2005

In the simplest and cheapest option - You don't need a router , you could just put a wireless PCI card in the main PC and a a wireless card (pcmcia) in the laptop. I have just done exactly that and it works very well - the only restriction is that the PC has to be running for the laptop to access the network, and internet.

I got a 22Mbps PCI card and a pcmcia card on ebay for £12.50 (for both) ......very cheap and very effective!

  The Kestrel 14:23 08 Mar 2005

I have three desktop PCs linked in a network. My machine is hard wired as described above to a modem/router, and the other 2 PCs have USB wireless adpters, allowing them to access the internet without my PC being on all the time.

It is also possible to set up a home network using the network wizard in XP. This will allow you to share files and printers within the network.

  § 09:27 09 Mar 2005

Thanks guys. My laptop is wi-fi capable so initially I'm following TonyMs route and buying a PCI card for the PC. If it proves to be inconvenient I can buy a router at a later date.

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