Wi-Fi Another Stupid Question

  Pererin 10:15 15 Dec 2005

Hi gang, mgmcc put me straight on my previous question, now for the next one. Two computers plus adsl router, I now understand what the router does, connected them both to the internet fine, but can only get the LAN network to work if the internet is in the 'abled' state. If I 'disable' or come off the internet then my LAN does not work. Question being is this normal or have I done something wrong. I assumed I could leave the router on and use the LAN without the internet.

  mgmcc 12:17 15 Dec 2005

I don't know the answer to that because I don't have a combined Router/ADSL Modem, I have Telewest Cable broadband with separate router and modem.

Normally, the router operates as an independent network switch to allow networking for File and/or Printer sharing in addition to internet access. I would have expected this functionality to be available regardless of whether or not you were online to the internet. Having said that, when using a router, you wouldn't normally have it disconnected from the internet while the PCs were in use, it is intended to be run as an "always on" connection.

  keewaa 15:55 15 Dec 2005

Could you explain what you mean by "If I 'disable' or come off the internet"

  Pererin 20:45 15 Dec 2005

OK keewaa, what I mean is this - I do not want to leave the copmuters "always on". When I finish with the internet I always disconnect or now disable the internet connection. I want to be able to network between the two computers even when I am not online. I thought this was possible with a router. Let me know if you need any more infromation.

  mgmcc 21:00 15 Dec 2005

<<< When I finish with the internet I always disconnect or now disable the internet connection. >>>

How exactly are you "disabling" the internet connection? Are you actually switching off the router, because this will definitely prevent the network from working?

  keewaa 22:29 15 Dec 2005

It sounds like whatever you are doing is causing the problem. Normally you don't disable anything when you're not using the internet. The connection is live and can be accessed whenever you want. Security should not be an issue as the adsl modem router should also be a NAT firewall, coupled with proper standard PC security (ZA, antivirus, antispyware).

  Forum Editor 22:51 15 Dec 2005

the only way you can 'disable' your internet connection when using an ADSL modem/router combination is by switching the router off. If you do that your LAN will certainly not work - the router is what runs the LAN.

In any case, there's absolutely no need to disconnect from your broadband connection exept at night, or if you are away from home. I always recommend turning a router off at night, and I definitely do NOT subscribe to the school of thought which says you should leave a computer or router permanently online - that's just inviting trouble.

  Pererin 10:52 20 Dec 2005

Maybe I did not explain properly, all I am doing is to disconnect from the internet, the router is still switched on and in 'network places' it shows that the LAN is still abled but not the internet. All the indications on the router are still as before.

  retep888 11:28 20 Dec 2005

If you disable the internet gateway,that's the router which is controlling all your LAN,you've effectively stopped communication between your pc and the router,although the LAN appears "ABLED" still,it's not talking to your router as you can probably see no packets were being sent.

Other pc will be fine, it's just your pc not connected to the internet gateway(router).

  Pererin 11:59 20 Dec 2005

Thanks to all for your help, just that I'm new to this networking and wi-fi, so I am now a little bit wiser!

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