GOBEEN 00:26 13 Dec 2007

Hi again all,can you use a laptop with installed 56k.modem on WI-FI.my old laptop is a Compaq presario,cant be upgraded,would it work if I got the WI-FI.gismos.I installed my B/Band connection and it worked once then no matter what it would not open the connection again,any ideas,GOBEEN. (:-)>

  MAJ 00:34 13 Dec 2007

If you install a USB (if it has a USB port?) wireless adapter, then yes, it should pick up the wireless signal from your wireless, modem, router (if that's what you're using).

  GOBEEN 00:42 13 Dec 2007

Thanks MAJ,yes I do have a U S B.port.is that what I buy a wireless usb. adapter.by modem do you mean the
on board modem,or do I have to buy a router as well,thanks for your time,please help a wee bit more,GOBEEN <(:-)>

  MAJ 00:43 13 Dec 2007

You mention that you have a broadband connection, GOBEEN, is that correct? Who is your ISP?

  GOBEEN 00:47 13 Dec 2007


  MAJ 00:51 13 Dec 2007

Lol, it would be Virgin wouldn't it, they do both cable and ADSL don't they? Are you on a cable connection or ADSL (through your telephone line).

  GOBEEN 00:55 13 Dec 2007

you fill me with confidence maj,Ihave adsl on my main P/C.no probs. there.I'M just trying to set up my old honky for when Igo to italy soon, thanks.GOB.

  MAJ 01:07 13 Dec 2007

No Virgin's okay, GOBEEN, it's just that a cable connection and an ADSL connection are setup differently. To go wireless, you'll need a wireless, modem, router and a USB wireless adapter. click here

Attach the wireless,modem, router to the laptop via it's supplied ethernet cable and to the phone line via it's supplied cable, then run the supplied setup disk, it'll give you step by step instructions. Then when the router has been set up, disconnect the router and run the adapter's disk on the laptop. Plug the wireless adapter into one of the laptop's USB port and it should pick up the signal from the router, allowing you to connect to the internet.

I'm assuming, as the laptop is an older model, it isn't 'wireless ready', i.e. it doesn't have a built-in wireless adapter.

  MAJ 01:14 13 Dec 2007

Sorry, GOBEEN, I just noticed that you have a "main PC". I was reading it that you only had a laptop, sorry about that. All is the same as my post above, except that you don't need to set the router up on your laptop, only on your main PC. But you do still have to set the adapter up on your laptop, so long as it it isn't 'wireless ready'.

  GOBEEN 01:16 13 Dec 2007

Thanks a bunch MAJ.I'll print this off,older model!!!
I need to get up a head of steam to do anything,lol,just like me,Ive just wiped out a lot of c***p so it should run a wee bit faster,GOBEEN.<(:-)>

  MAJ 01:21 13 Dec 2007

You'll also need another wireless adapter click here if you want your main PC to operate wirelessly also. That means that you can leave the wireless modem router plugged into your phone line and have both the main PC and the laptop working wirelessly. You can, of course, leave the router and the main PC connected via the ethernet cable (if your PC is close enough to the phone socket) and just have the laptop connecting wirelessly, then you wouldn't need the second wireless adapter.

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