undef 15:01 19 Jan 2005

ok, i've just bought a new PC with a wifi card. i currently only have one older pc with broadband (i incidentally have a USB adsl and a PCI adsl modem). i was thinking of, when i get the new pc (which has a wifi card in), to network wi-fi style. now, i want to put the new pc where this one currently stands, by the socket for the line that dsl is enabled on, and this pc i currently use to go downstairs. i was thinking of maybe putting the new wi-fi card in this pc, and just connecting the new pc to the wireless router thru ethernet.

what would your suggestions be? i basically have the following criteria:

1) both pcs must be able to communicate with each other even though one is downstars

2) both pcs must have access to the internet and any associated services (like msn messenger running on both pcs etc)

would i need a wireless router with adsl modem built in, or can i somehow buy one without and just use my usb modem or somehow make use of the old pci one (both obviously adsl modems)

any advice will be greatly appreciated, thanks!

  LeadingMNMs 15:13 19 Jan 2005

There certainly aren't many (if any) routers that support USB modems, so its probably best to get a router with a built modem. As far as I'm aware you couldn't use the PCI in anyway with a router.

The other option is to put a wireless card in the other PC as well, and then use an Ad-hoc network and use Internet Connection Sharing, making use of the USB or PCI modem without the need for a router. Obviously this way will work out cheaper but will mean that you'll need the computer with the modem, on and connected to the Internet for the other computer to have access.

The range of any WiFi devices should suffice unless the PC are very far apart.

  undef 17:22 19 Jan 2005

ok hm are there any real disadvantages to ad-hoc as opposed to a normal permanent wireless network served by a dedicated router?

i assume most routers will offer an ethernet connection so i can connect the new pc that way and atleast save on having to buy another wifi card (since most modern pcs come with ethernet onboard right). what sort of price range will i be looking at for a wireless router with an adsl modem that wont break within 24 hrs? also, i assume the range will be more than adequate since the two rooms are basically ontop of each other.

  LeadingMNMs 17:48 19 Jan 2005

Have a look through here for routers with built in modems click here

Routers will normally have at least 1 ethernet port, although most come with 4. If the rooms are pratically above each other then there should be no problems. The only problem on my network is when someone is in the other corner of the house to the router, and this is more likely to be more related to the laptop rather than the signal strength.

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