Why You Should Disable System Restore

  Pesala 18:07 21 Nov 2006

This software is fundamentally flawed. Look at this long list of file types monitored by System Restore: click here

One of them is NOD, a file type used by NetObjects Fusion. Another is TTF, Truetype files, as I discovered earlier to my cost.

I spent several hours updating my website after moving it to a new PC. Since I had relocated some files to different places, the links to some assets were broken. I searched my large site (232 pages), an updated the links. Tedious, but not difficult. I then updated my website, saved my NOD file, and archived it to make a backup using 7-Zip (thank goodness *.7z files are not on the list, though I do have a copy on an external drive).

Then I did a system restore for some reason. Today, I opened my website again, and all my changes were lost &#[email protected]! Good job I made that backup.

Why does System Restore mess with MY documents? It categorically states that it will not do that: click here

It seem that the easiest work-around is not to store your documents in the C:\My Documents and Settings\ folder (Where else would one expect to keep documents?) Perhaps it is best not to rely on System Restore at all, but to use a Drive image program or a regular backup strategy, and disable System Restore.

Oh! Now I see what they mean, "My Documents" means Bill Gates' documents, not *My Documents" (>_ )

  Forum Editor 18:33 21 Nov 2006

I'm moving it to the Helproom.

  €dstowe 18:35 21 Nov 2006

I stopped relying on System Restore a long time ago - not so much for the reasons you give, Pesala but because I found it unreliable and inconsistent - sometimes working, sometimes not.

This thread gives me even more reason to depend on an independent backup of my systems.

  Pesala 18:40 21 Nov 2006

System Restore protects your personal files by not restoring any files in the My Documents folder. It also does not restore any files that use common data file name extensions, such as .doc or .xls. If you're not sure whether your personal files use common data file name extensions, and you do not want the data files to be affected by System Restore, save them in the My Documents folder.

  Forum Editor 18:53 21 Nov 2006

and not once has it deleted any of my NetObject Fusion files. I never set the Mydocs folder as the save location for NOF in any case.

You say "Why does System Restore mess with MY documents?" I say it doesn't - I've never had a single instance of any files being deleted from the My Docs folder.

If you find anything wrong after a system restore you can simply reverse it, move or backup any files that seemed to be a problem, and then roll the computer back again.

A lot of comlaints about the system restore facility are the result of people using it incorrectly. I've encountered many instances of people rolling back the system because of say, a driver problem connected with a newly-installed hardware device. The roll-back certainly removes the driver, but it also removes any applications that were installed since the previous restore point, necessitating reinstallation. It's to avoid that kind of thing that Windows XP has a dedicated driver roll-back facility.

Another thing worth bearing in mind is that system restore will remove any .exe files that are located on the desktop, so if you're in the habit of saving downloaded software to your desktop it's wise to move it before restoring.

  big bloke66 19:04 21 Nov 2006

I will never disable system restore, its got me out of a few scrapes.
ps Its never let me down..................yet.

  SB23 19:20 21 Nov 2006

I agree with €dstowe on this one. I've also found it unreliable and inconsistant. I found out some time ago, not to rely on just one form of getting out of a situation with my pc, but system restore is, and has been never very good, in my opinion.

  mammak 19:26 21 Nov 2006

I fully agree with FE I have never had a problem with system restore, and think the point FE made about people using it incorrectly is spot on.

  VoG II 19:30 21 Nov 2006

System Restore has got me out of a few scrapes over the years and I have never lost anything in My Documents (or anywhere else that I know of).

Having said that I don't rely on SR as my sole means of recovery. I use Norton Ghost which is scheduled to make images onto a physically separate drive on a weekly basis with daily incremental backups.

  mattyc_92 19:40 21 Nov 2006

Like others, I find System Restore to be inconsistent.

Saying that, I do have it enabled, but I use Acronis True Image more. The only time I consider using System Restore is IF I have installed a new program, or edited my settings, and I haven't got a backup for TrueImage that contains these settings.

I must say, System Restore HAS saved me (only two times I can recall), but TrueImage has saved me countless many times

  Graham. 19:41 21 Nov 2006

SR has also got friends out of trouble. It is easy to explain how to do it over the telephone.

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