why xfx8500gt(512mb) doesn't work with my pc?

  hades666 22:59 21 Oct 2007

i've got a core2duo e6560 2.33ghz processor with intel G31pr mbd,2gb ram when i tried to install xfx geforce 8500GT card(512mb)it didn't work.Infact it didn't give any video on connecting so i tried xfx geforce 8600GT(512) but it gave me the same result,i.e.didn't give any video.however when i connected xfx geforce 8400gs(256)it worked fine.all the cards were new,i'm totally at sea regarding this. please help me out,as i'm certainly not satisfied with the 8400gs's performance but it seems i don't have any choice!the dealer told me that maybe my pc can't support 512mb cards,but i think that this is just rubbish.

what is your power supply?

  Acx 00:41 22 Oct 2007

Direct X 10
click here

click here

  Acx 00:56 22 Oct 2007

Which operating system do you have?

The xfx geforce 8500GT and xfx geforce 8600GT may be better suported with Vista.

  hades666 03:55 22 Oct 2007

thanx a ton guys!i have vista ultimate in my pc and its fully updated,well i've been thinking is it due to the intel mbd(g31pr)?and i think vista has got directx10 preloaded. has it?

  hades666 04:05 22 Oct 2007

ADD ON-one guy suggested that maybe i'll have to update the bios?since its a new pc so shouldn't the bios be of latest version?and if that's the reason then how to update the bios and from here i can get it for intel g31pr? any suggestion would be appreciated.

the 8400 needs less power than the other cards, do you know what wattage psu you have? vista does have dx 10 as standard and does have drivers preloaded for all cards (older versions than you will find on nvidia site) but all 3 cards should run were all the power leads in if you had nothing at all it points to power.

  crosstrainer 10:18 22 Oct 2007

Are attempting to install should have an additional power connector on it's edge...This needs to be connected for the card to work.

If your PSU doesn't have the required connector, you would need to upgrade it.

  hades666 18:03 22 Oct 2007

thanx so much guys for ur help,adman and acx thanx a ton.But unfortunately i don't know the wattage of my power supply unit(i guess thats what p.s.u. is! ) sothat means all i have to do is to change my p.s.u. and the other cards should work.and that also means that the intel g31pr chipset doesn't have compatibility problem with the aforementioned cards. please clarify this.
thanx n regards. :-)

did you plug the extra power lead in the cards that wouldn't load? im not familar with then but crosstrainer knows his stuff and says they have additional power cables, mine has 2. thing is they wont run without power, my last card a 7600 ran without extra power it fed of the mobo, but most modern cards need extra power, im guessing around 22 amps on the 12volt rail, so a quality branded 500wat/ 550 wat psu should be ok.
if you look in the case your psu should have a label with the wattage, and check if it has a free cable with a molex (long 4 pin plug) this connects to the extra lead for the grx card, or it may have a dedicated pci x lead which has a square 6 pin plug which plugs directly into the card.
good luck, post back.

  crosstrainer 06:02 23 Oct 2007

Series all have this extra power requuirement.

If you run this: click here

It will give you a free audit of your system. The lead you need to connect the new card is a small (usually black) 4 pin plug that clips to the uppermost right hand side of the card.

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