Why would XP re-boot when a CD begins to run?

  Tj_El 22:38 03 Feb 2003

Hi Experts!

I have a question: a friends PC keeps on re-booting any time a CD is inserted and it begins to speed up. As a result she can't install the ISP software to allow connection to the Net nor install the drivers for the printer.

Is there a known reason for this?

Your expertise appreciated,


  ellas 22:43 03 Feb 2003

must be some info in the event viewer or error log.

  Tj_El 23:18 03 Feb 2003

....don't have access to the PC at the mo however why only when a CD is inserted?.....

  BBez 23:27 03 Feb 2003

Not solving the problem but she could try inserting the cdin the drive and holding down the shift key when the disc is spinning up then attemmpt to access it from my computer

  Rtus 23:28 03 Feb 2003

Check you have loaded the Ide driver from the motherboard utilities Cd The O/s would have loaded a generic one that doesnt allways suit its hardware.Check motherboard web site for FAQ's on Win XP known issues.

  jazzypop 23:51 03 Feb 2003

There are several possible causes....

1. Is there a Zip drive attached to the PC? There have been reports of conflicts, when the Zip drive wants to be allocated the next drive after the hard drive(s) - renumber the CD drive is this is the case.

2. Is Roxio EasyCd creator installed? Early versions caused no end of problems with XP. Check for updates on Roxio's site.

3. Is the CD Drive showing any error messages in Device Manager? If so, delete and reboot.

4. Is the CD set to use PIO or UDMA? Try to alter it to the opposite of it's current settings.

5. Is there a mangled file association with the Autoplay settings? To test, hold the left Shift key down while the CD is inserted, navigate the CD using Windows Explorer. If that works OK, disable Autoplay.

  Tj_El 23:52 08 Feb 2003

Well, I have just returned from checking out this PC (spent 4hrs on it) and oh boy oh boy I think a re-install might be required.....

As my friend told me, each time I tried to install the software for Net access or printer driver etc, the system would get almost through the install and boom! it reboots! Did this a few times and then weird things began to happen - it will re-boot and just before the desktop appears it re-boots! Sometimes the desktop shows for a couple of secs then bang! re-boot. This cycle of re-booting could continue indefinitely! I discovered that there was a program named "Reboot" in the StartUp so I deleted it thinking that was what was causing the re-boot cycle but no the weird cycle kept happening.

I disconnected the CD-ROM but still it happened. I looked in the system event log and found that DCOM was causing an error on booting so I uninstalled the internal modem but still it kept re-booting - I was not able to get the system up and running in order to restore the modem.

Don't quite know what the problem is and I don't really have the time or patience to find out as I'm not too up with the techie aspect of XP.

I think the best thing is to re-install XP Pro over the existing installation - would I be correct in this regard?

Your advise appreciated.


  jimv7 00:39 09 Feb 2003

1, reset the bios.

2, go through the bios and set the cd to boot.

3. watch the screen, press any key to boot from cdrom.

  eccomputers 02:37 09 Feb 2003

almost sounds as if a reboot flag had been left on after an installation required a restart.
I would have suggested going into safe mode to see if it reboots, if not, see what the registry is kicking off.

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